Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Revelations of a Social Awkward

Sometimes, I start a post.

And then I erase everything and start over. Maybe four different times. I'm really bad with that; getting started. The beginnings and the ends. Two things I'm just not very competent with at all. I'm like a huge, blocky boulder. Ya gotta push and push and possibly put a whole lot of math into making a lever to wedge under me and get me rolling, but once I am boy do I roll. I roll, and bounce, and crash and careen and that's when the 'end' gets tricky. I either hafta hit something more solid than me or I just keep goin' and goin' till I wear out my momentum or go plummeting off a cliff into an ocean of "wait, what just happened to me? Why am I wet?"

Today was legit! Lemme give you the basic rundown:

Tuesday, 9/27/2011--
0000 hours: Finally slap my laptop shut and force myself to attempt sleep
0045 hours: Get really pissed off because roommates are nocturnal and think that blaring a TV for no reason because no one is watching it considering they're having their own separate loud conversation in the kitchen is ok.
(btw, it's not)
0100 hours: Get up and go get a glass of milk, chug it like a boss to give me the courage to shuffle over to said over-volumed TV and ask quietly, "Can I turn this down a little?"
0200ish: Fall asleep.
0445: Wake up and lay there contemplating the many reasons why my bed should feel so wet--oh wait, there aren't any....o_O why am I all wet?? No worries y'all, I didn't pee or nuthin' (in fact, never was much of a bed wetter. honest).
Just popped awake in this drenching cold sweat. Like, my shirt was stuck to my skin and I had to flip my blanket over because it was irritating me, but I wasn't hot. It was a for realzies cold sweat.
0632: Resist urge to chuck bleeping phone into oblivion. /sigh alarms
0710: Realize waking up is probably in my best interest.
0755: Flag the bus down cuz I'M A BOSS.
0805: Pick random Asian kid to stalk because I have no idea how to get to the "Paradise Pier-Redondo Room" for class.
0815: Make it to class really wishing I'd worn socks....


(I took those pics later, btdubs. Not as I'm sitting there in class xD)

1130: Leave class feeling very satisfied with the educational choice I made.
1140: Efficiently use time and resources, enter DCA and snag a World of Color Fastpass (woot-woot!!)
1230: Finish writing a letter. Go buy groceries. Finally create an account on so I can check up on stuff like where I should go to church, maybe? Seems like a good idea, I dunno...
Make food and take out trash.
1430: Head back to parks :)

Now the next few hours will be presented in a series of photos:

artsy, fartsy on the ride x] 

Oh, FYI if you wanna scare yourself witless just go ahead 
and try to take a picture on Splash Mountain
as you come over the top of that last final crest before

as previously stated; scared. witless.

yaaaaay, more artsy fartsy

ooh! another FYI, I eat my lunches and take my breaks directly 
under that little stage thing :)

Never fails getting my heart skipping a beat
and my face grinning
like a kid with a huge lollipop :D

1903: I rode Tower of Terror and screamed my bloody pants off next to these two middle eastern dudes (I say that only because they spoke in lots of "hack" noises and his iphone texting was set to arabic....yes, I'm a creeper). I'm not kidding, I'm pretty sure the one sitting next to me was staring at me and laughing the entire time because I was screeching like a banshee. I don't think I could scream the way I do on that ride if I was being attacked by a rapist serial killer crazy man....which I realize is a very bad thing.
1915: I got in line for the Red section of World of Color
1920-2040: Met this really, really awesome grandparently couple (I'm serious, 70-80's) from Australia who were visiting the Disneyland/DCA parks for the first time evar! They were so sweet and funny and I just love old people! At one point we had all sat down and Mr. Australia scooted over to where his wife was sitting leaned up against the fence and he laid his head in her lap and was dozing off. It was cute enough in and of itself but then she quietly lifts up her camera and slowly tries to stretch her arms out to get a better angle of him sleeping. 
So I leaned in and motioned for her to let me take the picture and she obliged, grinning like a flirting teenager. I snapped the pic, the flash going off and alerting the mister to what was going on and he kinda blinked a few times, then gets that exasperated look on his face and glances up at the missus and I just wanted to squeeze the both of them!!
I can't wait to be an old person still doing silly things to the love of my life :)
During the show though, there was a small, 3 person group of younger kids, around my age standing nearby and somehow I managed to get along with them really well. Them and the older couple poked fun at me because I, as the Disney-elite, promised them we would hardly get wet standing in the very front. I've just never been in the very middle of the very front.
Guess what.
Ya get wet
They were all laughing, "Liar!"
And as usual, I was having my happy-seizures and the girl in the group kept looking back at me laughing and crying, "Where has she been all day?!" and the guys nodded.
They danced, they sang along, they joked with me. When I snorted at Dory's whale-speek she turns around and goes, "Oh my gosh, I love you!" 
At the end of the show, one of the guys gave me a hug and they all waved goodbye and gave me sincere "nice to meet you"s.

World of Color saves my life :)

But oye! Today was exhausting. Been up for....more than fourteen hours now with what barely constitutes as four hours of sleep. 
But it's ok. Because I like life. And boyfriend is in the process of getting a package in the mail. And everyone likes mail ;) and I have a job. and food. and health (mostly).

ps--Oh! and I forgot! When I was first walking down Main Street headed to Splash Mountain as my first ride of the day I was passing the coca-cola place with the piano and I hear the beginnings of "Rhapsody in Blue" (solo piano) being performed by a random guest in the park. I love those moments :)

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  1. i just sat and cried (srsly) as i read this whole dumb thing. i miss you so much! bahhhh!!

    ps. i love all your pictures!

    pps. i get to come see you in 3 weeks!!!!