Saturday, October 1, 2011

Dreams & Miracles

My fairytale, brought to you by the magic of Disneyland theme parks :)

I am here to testify to you that perfect days do exist. Days that could never possibly be planned by any living human. I know because I just lived one. 
If you follow this blog you know that firstly, I had the day off today.
Perfect #1
Then secondly, boyfriend drove six straight hours to get here just before midnight on Thursday. 
Perfect #Everything
Not to mention I was totally expecting him to not be in town until 3am or later even! Before midnight??!? The phone conversation was kind of awkward. But can you blame me? I had no time to prepare myself to at least act semi-cool about it.
BF: [texting] do I get into this place, again?
Me: [grabs phone and speed-dials BF] You're here? Are you here? You're seriously here right now? What?!
BF: Uh, yeah?
Me: .....seriously?
BF: [laughing uncomfortably] Yes, I am.
Me: Um, I'm coming down then....I're here?? Like, out front??
(at this point I'm halfway down the stairs and out the door)
BF: [laughs] No, I'm not.
Me: [stops dead in tracks] Wait, what?!
BF: I'm kidding! I'm kidding, I'm here!!
Me: Mark! You can't mess with me right now...

I walk out the doors and naturally the kid didn't have the decency to make himself visible or known so I'm standing there awkwardly holding that phone to my face and turning around in circles trying to not let on how frantically I'm looking for him. Because I know he's watching me somewhere around a corner or something.
I finally find him in his bright orange shirt that I maybe should've seen first thing stepping out the doors, but whatevs. I'm oblivious. 
Yeah, ok, we hugged for an obscene amount of time. Hush. 

But that's not the story. Today is the story :)
Had my phone set to go off at 8:30am so we could get ready, go eat breakfast and get in the parks ASAP and still getting at least some sleep. But I popped awake at 7:15 and I might as well have been a 5 year old on Christmas morning finding a batch of pretty, ribboned candy canes on my pillow except it was in the form of a boyfriend on the couch. I could (and would and shall) get used to mornings with that kid.
He was awake, too. 
Though he pretended to not be.
But I knew he was, cuz he totally was not wearing his sleeping face. Which is unfairly serene, btw. My sleeping face is about as attractive as a dead zebra with his tongue lolled out his mouth and I'm not sure why the dead zebra is a 'he'. Boyfriend looks peaceful and tidy and just too gosh darn attractive. In his sleep. Tis unfair, I tell you.
Anyway, we got ready but still didn't exactly leave the apartment till a little after 9. 
We ate at IHOP, which was quite nice--

After we silenced our grumbling tummies, went on a small mini-adventure trying to find the correct parking lot. Typical. Oh, did I mention legit free parking? ahem-hem, yeah I'm just kinda cool is all.

First ticket to Disneyland EVAR. And it was completely free. How awesome do you get? Not much more awesome, I tell ya what.
(oh, little funny fact; for a few really funny seconds he could not remember Pluto's name. I laughed)

Pin all the things!!!

This eased both of us on concerns for terrible looking awkward possible engagement photos. Tis reassuring that we can look normal and gasp! even cute!

Oh, Splash Mountain. You look so good on even the best of us.

He didn't appreciate all the picture taking. But boy's gotta get used to it!!

Plus, then I would never catch such beauties as that :)

And he took plenty, as well.

So this scared me. We rode Star Tours and it seemed like he enjoyed it well enough. The ride ended, I took my 3D glasses off and look over at him ready to 'discuss' the ride and I'm shocked to see that he looks extremely sweaty, dazed, and I realize as I take his hand he's really clammy. He really looked like he was gonna be sick. But he remained adamant that he was 'fine'. We walked out of the ride and he was immediately getting better but still kind of wobbley.
Got him some water, got to sit down for awhile and just blah for a minute. Luckily, it helped and his bout of motion sickeness went away. He figured it was just the intensely amazing 3D mixed with the sudden backwards feel of the ride...
Whoooeeee. Scared me silly!

Speaking of scary.....o_O

[laughs].....[laughs more].....I'll just leave it at that.

It rained! With the sun out! Right on top of Town Square and the castle basically. Perfect much??

Jumping a bit straight into 'GUESS WHAT WE'RE ENGAGED YAY'.
Discovered this room the same week he came and I took him in there to see the Toy Story zoetrope. But it happens to be connected to this random huge room with a bunch of projection screens...

We watched the zoetrope for awhile. Got major headache. There was a Tangled poster in the room and I looked up at boyfriend and said, "How much will you hate me if I make us dance to I See the Light from Tangled??"
He said he wouldn't. In fact he said he'd like that :)
We walk back into the screen-room (I don't know what it's really called, sorry! haha) and a cute little 'Up' video comes on, summarizing Mr. & Mrs. Fredricksen; the beginning ("You don't talk much...I like you!"), the marriage, the saving up money for stuff but using it for fix-ups, the series of ties that she puts on him, they get old, she collapses on the hill, she dies....the whole thing.
And he's standing behind me squeezing my shoulders tighter and tighter as their life flashes before our eyes. I can't speak for him but in my head I was thinking, "Yup. I could live a whole life with him....I really could." 
It went to Lady and the Tramp next. We watched a little bit and were just about to head out when it ended and transitioned to Tangled.
Now, understand this; I am obsessed with Tangled. Rapunzel is my idol and by some miraculous twist of fate, I get told I'm like her from a lot of people who know me quite well :) tis fantastic. I get giddy just hearing or seeing any mention of the movie. So the song "I See the Light" comes on--foreshadowing on my part, much?! ha! :D and those images pictured above.
Me: "Just kidding! Let's stay a couple more minutes!!"
BF: [smiles]

We walk over to where we're out of peoples' way and just hug. So very tight. I've missed him so much and he hasn't stopped reminding me how much he missed me and loves me all day. Still hugging, we slowly begin to rock back and forth, almost like slow dancing.
I feel his head shift over close to my ear and I hear him, emotion clogging his voice, "Hope, I love you so much and I have something to ask you...."
The moment he said my name, my heart immediately began racing. 
He kneels down and....there are no words. Simply no words. I've always scoffed at the people that gush, "Oh no one else exists in the world when I'm around him/her!! oh smoochy smoochy mushy barf love!" I can no more scoff because that happened. There were people all over but they disappeared in my reality. All I knew was there was this extremely handsome man I love kneeling before me with the most tender smile I have ever witnessed holding out this box with something very shiny in it.
And all I had to say was

I was not expecting it, I did not see it coming, I was completely surprised. He hid it so well! He's terrible at keeping secrets! But he was amazing. Only shook a teensy little bit putting the ring on my finger.
So I'm a fiance now :)
After that, I lost my voice on Tower of Terror and then we saw World of Color. Once again, that show did not let me down and totally rocked Mark's socks off! He was totally amazed. Which says a lot coming from my dear analytical, critical and maybe just a tad judgemental boyfr--fiance
I am still geeking out about how absolutely perfect the day went. Things really just fell into place. The rides went smoother, the show was complete and whole even for me, now knowing all the things I do. Mark loved the entire experience, which was something I absolutely adored seeing. His smile, his excited eyes trying to take in everything and figure it all out. 
The rain.
The timing! I mean 'Tangled'?? FOR REALZIES!!?
World of freaking Color.

Disney magic is legit, people. Le-git.

All in all....

That's all I have to say about today.


  1. I'm so happy. Like really. Best story ever.

  2. i'm crying. seriously. gah. i love this.

  3. OH M 9... Your killing me Hope. This Blog was amazing :-)

  4. yup.
    The story is just as good the second time around.