Wednesday, September 21, 2011


If you're into Pinterest (as I am) (and when I say 'into' I mean devastatingly addicted to), then you know the ginormous slew of braid pins that get thrown out there every day. You also know the conundrum of posting pin after pin and never really resolving to follow through and DIY-it-up, or bake-it-up, or anything really.
In my defense, I barely manage with the normal 3-strand, simple braid. No fancy french crap or fishtail or nuthin'. So I usually pin those with the idea of others applying the 'do to my head. But yesterday, I was sick of my in-the-middle-of-adjusting hair gettin' her mullet on and limping in my face. Girls with long hair, back me up. There's that phase inbetween cutting your hair short (possibly donating full feet of it, like me) and growing it back out where it just throws a month or two long pity party and will not cooperate. Mine figures it'll make everyone miserable and try to bring back the 80's with a completely awful mullet impression. Not to mention it's kind of going through puberty, unable to tell if it wants to go curly or stay straight. So wispy strands get this nice (even cute) curl going but the heavier portions can't keep up and flop around haphazardly like some sort of dying eel stuck on dry land. Maybe it's doing yoga, I dunno.
In any case, I was done dealing with my hair's tantrums and decided,
"Ya know what! I'mma try a french braid!"
I musta had Wheaties for breakfast or something. I was a champion standing in front of that mirror. I was gonna get this french braid thing down if it was the last thing I did!!
So I took up the front part of my hair, sloppily divided into 3 sections and got to it.

This is what happened....

I know it's blurry, I'm also not very good at taking pictures of myself in bathroom mirrors. Not exactly experienced in that field, ya caught me.
I tell ya, I was not expecting that when I pulled out my pocket mirror and took a glance at what I had managed to create. And it's not a fluke! I did it again today. My hair's still just short enough that it doesn't quite like conforming to braids just yet but it's my head goshdarnit and I'll put it up if I want!

Also yesterday, I went to the park around 6 in the evening although I was completely aware the park closes at 8 this time of year.
I went to Disneyland, knowing there was barely a max of 2 hours I could spend there.....
Simply because I can.


I actually met a couple a cool dudes who had these nifty passes that let a total of 6 people in a group go through pretty much any fastpass lane. Not sure exactly how it worked but all I know is it meant I rode a whole lot more rides than I anticipated stepping into the park :)
I finally rode Space Mountain with all the wicked halloween tricks!

That minion dude is one twisted creeper.
Also learned that there's a whole nuther side to Matterhorn...o.O Totally didn't know that till yesterday. What a terrible Cast Member I am. I've only ever been on the Fantasyland side. Got to go on the Tomorrowland side this time! I must say I like it much better.
It was very nice to just go 'be a kid' and kinda loosen up. Chill in the happiest place on earth for a couple hours and remember how much it really is the happiest place I've ever been, at least :)
Not to mention

That'll be a post worth [too] many pictures. Hopefully we can manage to actually look like a happy, normal, cute couple as opposed to the freaky, creepy, awkward gremlin people we seem to be; judging by all the previous pictures taken of this relationship thus far....

Ok, so there are a couple okay ones in there. Sue me.
But honestly.
Who looks like that and still finds love???
Me 'n Boyfran, that's who.
Anyway, he's coming next friday because MIRACLE OF MIRACLES, I happened to get that day off and that's his weekend and he's never been to Disneyland before EVAR and I can get us in freeeeeeee!!
I'm only a little kindasortamaybejustaLOT excited.

And worried right now. Blogger isn't saving anything I keep typing or adding and that's really frustrating to me because I keep typing and keep adding and this is a very detailed post that I'm putting a lot of work in and I'd really like it if it wasn't wasted.....


Well there's my update. Take it or leave it. I couldn't care less either way.

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