Monday, September 5, 2011

Flattered? Maybe a tad

Woah! I have blogging responsibilities now! What??!
My fabulous best friend and fellow blogger Allie was nominated for this "Versatile Blogger Award" (which makes perfect sense to me, her life is like a pinterest board; the husband, the pictures, the FOOD, the DIY projects....srsly. She makes me look like a low-life scumbum--which honestly, isn't that hard to do).
Anyway, part of the Award agreement is you gotta nominate 5 other fantastic blogs to receive the award and guess what!!
My slimfast tastes funny, that's what.
(yes, I'm a slim-fast person. No judging!!)
No really, she went ahead and tagged me for who knows why....up against the other 4 blogs it's kinda sad. And so, with that! The
Versatile Blogger Award! 

Firstly, 9 facts about myself.....

1) I'm currently trying out a new font. It looks huge. Does it not look huge?

2) I am a hopeless (baha, punny) romantic for music and my boyfriend. That's about it. I swear to you! If there wasn't such a thing as soundtracks I would sit through movies like a heartless piece of stone. But, as it is, once the music hits and I get attached to everything and everyone--reactions start flying out my elbows. To understand better since that sounds like something a crazy person would say, visit here :)

3) I am tecnically the 6th out of 8 children in a big complicated mess of family ties. [inhales] SO! My birthmother thought she loved a guy, got pregnant by this guy (not husband, btw) and guy bailed pretty quickly. Birthmother was a beautiful human being and decided against abortion (thankyou-thankyou-thankyou!). I was adopted at about 14 weeks by my lovely parents and lived from there. Now, my mom and dad were married in their late forties, both divorced (Dad twice) and y'know, unable to 'have' children. My mom had four of her own kids, mostly all grown up by that point. So they adopted me, then when I was seven we went to Ukraine and adopted 3 others; twins (6 years old) and a boy (8 years old). 
Thusly! One of eight kids, my oldest sister is almost 50 and I have a nephew older than is great :)

4) I don't sleep like a normal human being. I did not know this till I met boyfriend Mark and fell asleep on his couch a couple times. Apparently, not everybody constantly flips and turns about, kicking the sheets in every which direction every night. Supposedly, not everyone mumbles and even intelligibly talks and walks around redecorating the room and sometimes leaving the house in their sleep. Boyfriend is convinced I have some sort of mental disease and should get my brain checked out. I say that's a lot of money and trouble to just decide I don't "sleep well" thank you.

5) I am a stinking terrible cook. But a supremely fantastic baker of cakes. I'm getting better at making actual meals--turns out I'm just too impatient all of the time and need to let stuff stay on the stove or in the boiling water for longer amounts of time and not panic and convince myself it's gonna burn if I don't get it off that very second.

6) I'm addicted to pictures. I love capturing a single moment so perfectly you can revisit it as many times as you feel so inclined. Not so good at taking them, however.

7) If I could breathe underwater, my life would be perfect. The end.

And now I shove this burden of talking about oneself onto 5 other  people! yaaaay!

My Feet Are Cold (as a matter of fact, mine truly are)
Causality of Purpose (because I say you can nominate someone twice. so there)

Have fun y'all! Love your blogs :)


  1. Fact 8 & 9...I CAN'T COUNT.

    Actually, I thought it was 9. Then I went back to the blog I got "awarded" from and realized I was making things up in my head and it was only 7. But I forgot to change my instructions.