Friday, October 19, 2012

Currently gnawing on a small white stick...

Have you ever made a decision and then immediately wondered, "Why would I choose that?"
And literally not know the reason for such a decision? Completely stumped?

Well, I have. Every single time I play bejeweled. That game is like "screw yourself over time and time again because you're not Rainman and you just wanna make pretty patterns because you're still 5 years old mentally."
My life. It's great guys.
Also happening in my life; [note: those of the squeamish and/or germ-sensitive type, maybe just skip along down a couple paragraphs or hop on over to another post, cuz I'm about to talk about saliva] Marriage is the best. Because when you're married and you buy 60 gourmet lollipops off the interwebz cause they were cheap then you get to have delicious suckers for dessert and make lots of "sucking" jokes. But also, there's the sharing...
Mark: "Hey...wanna switch?"
compare lollipop sizes, obviously. Can't be cheating me out of sugar, now.
Me: "Sure!"
Two seconds later.
Mark: "Wanna switch back??"

The flavors we both picked did not go very well with each other.
Now that may absolutely disgust you but I thought it was pretty cute and laughed about it for quite a few minutes.

So anyway! Tomorrow's gonna be pretty fun. Except for the morning. Mark and I both gotta do some schoolwork. I have a normal weekly assignment but he has a huge essay and his midterms to worry about. But sometime in the early afternoon he's got some guys coming to look at fun computer geeky stuff that he's trying to sell, so, yay moneys!! And then we're going out for a possible dinner date on a groupon to the 5 and Diner for yummy cheap food, huzzaaaah!
And then....dun-dun-dun-duuuuuun!
I'm ditching my poor husband entrenched in his schoolwork to head off to a Haunted expedition with a group of friends that hardly want to go themselves. I might be the only one who's actually excited to let myself be scared...on purpose. Hurrah for Halloween. It's actually kind of sad, I want to go trick or treating so badly, but at age [almost] 22 and 5'8'' I'm not sure that's really socially acceptable anymore.
I'll just have to go the day after. Snag all the leftover do-not-wants. Awwww yeaahhhh.
Also, I lost 6 pounds this week. Mark's lost 9. I'm honestly surprised this diet isn't a bigger deal. Although, granted, we've only been on it for this one week. So maybe it's too early to say. But it's workin' great so far. And honestly, our main (only) motivation is that the holidays are coming up and we both really like food. up it is.

I'm actually pretty tired right now. It's 8:14 at night and I'm tired. It's friday night and I'm just tired. But I just had a whole gourmet lollipop so I'll probably be perky and obnoxious soon, just give it a minute. I feel like such a grown-up getting sleepy so early in the evening. Or a 4 year old. Either or.
But I gotsta stay up and be substitute english teacher for Mark because for some reason he thinks I'm this literary genius and need to help write his essays for him. Which, obviously, my conscience will not let me do. So we meet in the middle and I sit here writing blog posts while he drafts and asks questions when he needs help and I give mild suggestions. Mostly I help him talk his thoughts out until he has some bright idea and figures it out on his own. He's a smart cookie. If only he knew that. Or maybe not, because then ego would get in the way of everything and that's enough of a problem in the human condition.
I guess I'm just happy with the way my husband is right now :) Oh, darn.

I reiterate; Marriage is the best.