Friday, September 2, 2011

Happy Pudding

Just read a pin on pinterest that said,
"Life isn't about finding yourself, it's about creating yourself..."

Well darn it if that doesn't sound tiring as hell (pardon my french). Seriously though. Thinking about lookin' around for myself while I keep living this day-to-day thing I'm stuck in as opposed to actually building a whole human with personality and characteristics to boot sounds a whole lot easier.
Booo. and a half.

Today, I watched the bus leave without me from the opposite corner twice. Twice. Going to work I was on time, early in fact! But the bus was just a taaaad earlier than me. /grumble-grumble
Then, at 11:10 I clock out of work early, too! Yay! I can catch an earlier bus! I don't hafta wait till almost midnight or later!
But alas, twas not to be. Again, I watched from the other side of the intersection, blocked by that glowing orange hand of ill-will and a steady stream of traffic, as my early ticket home rumbled off without me.

I didn't actually cry though. I just sighed loudly and wished someone would text me back. So I sat at the bus-stop for nearly forty minutes, hoping and praying that somebody else would come along and affirm the fact that another bus would be coming and that I wasn't just sitting there to sit there....all night.
No worries, dear reader. Others came and the bus as well. I got home about hour after I clocked out somewhere that's barely 2 miles away. An hour to go 2 miles. How poopy is that??
But! In exchange for all this 'poop', I get into Disneyland for free. So beat that!

So I bought a bunch of jell-o pudding snacks for taking to lunch in my SUPERMEGAFOXYAWESOMEHOT cast exclusive Darth Vader lunch box (it's legit, lemme tell ya) and the little aluminum lid/tops have cute little messages on them! I didn't know that about pudding snacks. I also didn't notice this till the first time I was pulling on out. Firstly, I must explain to you what happened before I tell you what it said, because that is how I experienced it.
Having finished my yummy sandwich and reaching into my legit lunchbox, I smiled in anticipation of the scrumdiddleyumptious desert I was about to partake in. I was smiling, because of the pudding.
You know what that lid said?
"Ha! Made you smile :)"


Why...yes! Yes, pudding cup! You did make me smile!
It was the most creepiest happy moment I've ever experienced. I got really excited about it and texted boyfriend but I don't think he appreciated the connection quite like I did.
Then I came home to find out not every lid says the same thing! It's even more super magical!
And that was, oh probably last week. I'm still geekin' out about it.
AND WORLD OF COLOR. Major geekage going on (and listening to the soundtrack, right now). I kind of can't wait till next wednesday so I can go get in by myself and find a lonely little corner in the front and see it all again. Huzzah!

Btdubs, I'm going to freeze my little skinny booty OFF out here once winter rolls around. Holy moly. Just walking home today I was gettin' those little goosepimples that precede shivering. Ah, dang it! And I don't have gloves or a coat or nuthin.
I has scarves and a couple jackets and a hoodie sweater. And some hats. I actually brought a nice conglomeration of potentially attractive outfits, but I don't really get much of a chance to wear them.....
and this was my chance to live like a pinterest board!! booooo
baha. Just kidding. That would never work. I'm too lazy and klutzy and unPinteresty.


We shall see. Tomorrow.
As for now, I curl up in bed and wait for boyfriend to show up so I can communicate with him and then comfortably fall asleep.
Because I'm attached and pathetic. Get over it.


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