Monday, September 26, 2011


Oh no.

Oh no, oh no, oh no.

Hurry! Think of something quick! People....they're, oh no.

Yes, it's true. I have no idea what I think I'm doing trying to post a blog entry when I have no precluding topic, story or basic structure to format these words and it's nearing on 0300 hours this lovely Monday morning. This could be disastrous. I would suggest finding a helmet and possibly elbow pads, this is gonna be a bumpy ride...

"Try telling that to the kamikaze pilot wearing a helmet..."
"Kamikaze pilots commit suicide, Cal!"
"Yeah. They understand com-mit-ment!!"

Name that movie. If you get it right....also include a topic for something I should blog about and then I will oblige.
I said no!
Stop it.
That's something I guess I need to start integrating as a blogger; including and actually addressing my readers in the posts. Although with a grand sum total of nine followers this seems kinda silly. But you guys is important, too!
"You is smart. You is kind. You is important."
I haven't actually seen that movie. But I really want to! But I wanna read the book first. Same with The Hunger Games. Which is why I need to go to the library that's literally down the street. It's at the same corner as the bus stop I wait at to get to work every day. But I never make it there to get my own card and check out books like I'm desperately wanting to. Why?
Because I can't give me what I want. I'm truly discovering this and it's a little obnoxious.

I talk in my sleep.
No, really.
Not those cute little cuddley squirmy moany chirps that make your heart melt because that person is being subconsciously adorable.
I'm talkin' actual sentences and questions and sometimes "speaking in tongues" (my mom's convinced of that last one). My roommate just announced it to me by asking, "Hope? Do you wanna know a secret about yourself?"
Like I didn't already know. It's only the one thing that everyone always mentions after sleeping within close proximity to my resting body and mind. I actually wake myself up sometimes. Just the other day I was telling my mom, "No, mom that won't work...." and that's when I realized my eyes were opening and there was just a wall there and my voice was resonating in my ears. It's very disorienting, I assure you.
But! Just learned from boyfriend and his newfound knowledge from psychology class, that talking in one's sleep is a sign of the body not "paralyzing" properly in order to achieve REM sleep. Because that's what REM sleep is; the paradoxical neutralization of bodily movement but remaining brain power of a waking, conscious individual.
[(Though, that smart talk is just me. All he said was, "learned in my psychology class that basicly means ur body wont get paralyzed like its supposed silly stubborn person :P...yeah, when you go into REM sleep its called paradoxical sleep cuz you are virtually paralyzed but ur brain works very similarly to when ur awake" with incorrect grammar and textspeek to boot...
Oh my gosh I'm trying really hard to get the font back to normal but I'm just too stoopid, I guess. Stinking copy-paste. Booo.
So now you have the wordy version and the simple version of why I sleep when I, the other way around. Whoops. Baha I seriously typed that and now I'm leaving it)
(This is why I'm a blogger and he is not)]

Btdubs, I fixed the font. Later. After posting.
By accident.
 So I'm not changing my words.

Let's try this, shall we?! 
Or perhaps "trebuchet". Does anybody else enjoy saying/reading that word "truh-bucket"? Cuz I sure do. 

Tell me, other bloggers. Do you 'rough draft' and/or edit your blog posts after you've finished writing them? Cuz I find I just post it and hope all went well. I'm wondering if I should fix that little habit...

I ran out of pudding cups today. Technically yesterday but I forgot to notice till today when I was making my lunch (that later turned out to be a futile effort considering there was free food at work). No happy pudding for Hope. I also need more milk, cheese, cereal and nutella.
ps--I do, in fact, need the nutella porquois /ahem, BOYFRIEND IS COMING THIS WEEK and I promised I'd make him some nutella hot cocoa because I keep bragging about it and he keeps wanting cocoa and he's also never tried Nutella.
So, you see, I need the nutella.
(I also did indeed use italics and underline in the same sentence. Welcome to junior high power points's less tacky because I used french)

Where, oh where did my normal font go? Wheeeeere oh where can it be?!??? (Not to be sung to Larry the Cucumber's 'where oh where' song, sorry)

Guys. I'm singing about fonts. Time to go improperly paralyze and never achieve REM and be a complete failure even when I'm unconscious.
I hope my future husband makes me a trophy if/when I ever actually do completely sleep one night all the way through.....if he'll even let me....o_O

(yes, honey. that is a hint ;D) 


  1. I see no reason I can't have all three reactions so I shall.oh and I really miss you. Alot.

  2. I've been told that I occasionally sing in my sleep, so at least you're not any stranger than me. ;)

  3. haha! I've done that, too. Fell asleep on a road trip and apparently sang along to the radio but I could not for the life of me remember doing that or what song it was when I woke up.
    Woot being weirdies :)