Friday, September 16, 2011

For the Haters

For the record, I'm pretty sure I was born to make grilled cheese.
As y'all may have surmised from reading my other entries (but if you're brand new here [firstly, HI!], then just take my word for it), I suck at cooking. During my manufacturing process they kinda forgot to install most of my typical 'womanly trait characteristics' as well as my hidden mechanical arm like that one John Silver has in Treasure Planet with all the gizmos and doo-dads. How could they forget that?!?? I should sue. But is God, and I feel like you're just destined to lose big time waging a lawsuit against God.
As I was saying; can't cook. Worth beans (heh. punny).
But! My first time trying grilled cheese sandwich and HOLY MOLY I am a rockstar. This is the best sandwich I have ever laid hands and mouth on (that sounded slightly sensual and I apologize). I just might make another one when I finish this one.

[I didn't. I called boyfriend and had a bowl of cereal. Welcome to college life.]

SO! Disney Cast Choir. It's pretty legit. AND HUGE! Daaaang, there were like, 50-60 people there tonight! And most of them were oldies. I felt dumb. And small. And noob-y.
But soooooo so so so nice to be back in a choir and singing again. I didn't get lost going there, I didn't break anything....oh, wait. Dangit, I lied. I set off the alarm trying to get in at TDA (Team Disney Anaheim). Turns out the sensor thing didn't like my apartment building access card being in such close proximity to my ID and it took three guards and a lot of searching the computer to figure it out and finally let me through.
But anyway, dug into a bunch of Christmas music right inbetween two very grumpy altos. The one on my right didn't seem to appreciate my consonants. Honey, you got a problem step it up and take your attitude elsewhere. Geez. This sure ain't Kansas (er...Mesa) no more.
[Shoutout to Resonance!! Miss all y'all like you don't even know!]

The director is fun. Really active arms. And an active mouth. But he's animated and funny and knows his stuff, so that's great. Super jealous of the pianist. Wanted to just sit right behind him and watch the entire time. /sigh.
Speaking of which! 
"Um, dude. I get to actually sing the Hallelujah Chorus?? mean it? I can SING?! I don't hafta play that....I don't! I sing! This is crazy..."
Those were basically my thoughts during that entire song. Funnily enough, I basically already knew my part...and the tenors....and most of the bass. Sopranos are a no brainer [big surprise, eh?]. BUT! The main event of the night?
dun, dun, duuuuuunnnn-nuh

They weren't that bad at all. Just makin' sure you can match pitch and maintain that pitch....with others. But he almost tried to make me a soprano. Got real close there. Had me do scale runs and went really super high on the piano [ok, it was only like A6, hush] and him and this other secretary lady shared this look and nodded at each other like it was some secret code and I'm standing there squeaking to the best of my abilities hoping it sounds terrible enough that they'll believe me when I say; I'M AN ALTO.
He let me stay though. Still an alto. Whew!
It was a scary moment.

Went and saw Lion King 3D! Pretty much blew my mind. First of all, hadn't realized exactly how long it's been since I saw that movie!! Waaaay too long, lemme tell ya. So the fact that it was a renewal of childhood memories in freaking 3D was almost too much for my poor over-emotional brain to handle. And yes. I cried. Hate on haters. As a matter of fact, the amount of cheering and excited squealing set forth from the audience woulda been pathetic and embarrassing if it wasn't so completely epic and fantastic...

And now I'm basically drooling on the keyboard cuz I keep nodding off. Tiredz.
In conclusion, I leave you with the SOML (in honor of aforementioned midnight viewing)...

Surrounded, I tell you.

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