Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Andy's Fourth Month

I will never understand how it can both feel like my baby was born last year as well as last week. I think back over 2015 and cannot fathom that far gone era of pregnancy. But, like....it was just in June. I was still pregnant in June. What?
Thankfully, it seems as though his digestive system has evened out and things are mostly good. He has intermittent constipation that royally sucks, but we get through it with lots of pain/sympathy tears. Granted, we essentially switched it out for reflux. His blankets and nursery smells perpetually of spitup, and I don't remember the last time I myself didn't reek as well. We have his four-month appointment this coming Thursday and I'm hoping to get a perscription for an antacid of some sort. Poor little heartburn baby.
He's a rockstar night sleeper, daytime naps have kind of fallen by the wayside for the time being. He gets tired and I put him down successfully, yet without fail, within 30 minutes to an hour he's back up again and screaming. I think we didn't even have a full two hours of napping through all of yesterday. I try to stick to a routine, we go on walks around the same time nearly every day and that's about the most consistent nap we ever get. He sleeps better/longer in his carseat, presumably because of the inclined position.
Mark and I have a bet going on regarding his current weight. I'm assuming he's bound to slow down sometime and have bet that he's going to be around 17 pounds, but Mark is convinced he's gotta be over 18. Guess we'll just have to see.

This last month, we've spent a lot of time at the Grandparents'. They're too good to always hold and cuddle and snuggle him whenever he's even remotely fussy. Pretty soon he may even start to recognize the house when we go.

We enjoyed a rejuvenating, uplifting weekend of General Conference culminating in a glorious setting sun just outside our front door.

Andy has blossomed into quite the wiggle worm. He swings around in circles, inches across the floor using just his feet and neck, jigs and dances, and all around grooves. He's so curious about so many things, I'm afraid we've got a rude awakening coming with how un-baby-proofed our place is. Oh boy.

The week of the 16th my mom and I packed up and headed to Utah for my childhood best friend's wedding. My uncle and his family were kind enough to let us crash at their place for the night and that morning we meandered around their beautiful farm and took some photos.

Diaper change on the roadside! Andy had a rough time with all the car travel, but I blame it partly on his transitioning nap schedule. He didn't sleep nearly as much as I expected him to, nor I imagine as much as he needed to. He was enamored with the soft, luscious grass however. Can't say I blame the kid.

He got his first haircut! Momma was sick of looking at his gross, mullety rattail and took a few swipes with Daddy's buzzer and voila! It turned out pretty slick. We saved a tiny lock in a ziploc baggy.

I'll be uploading another post fully about Halloween but I just had to include a quick shot of the costume I [mostly] made for Andy. The onesie came from Hobby Lobby, but I created the stencils and painted the front, as well as sewing the cape on the back. We used velcro so that it's removable. We went to a rockin' vintage themed party this past weekend and on the day of Halloween our ward is throwing their annual block party and it's supposed to be pretty legit. I'm very excited to dress up again and get to know more people.

Due to his bounding energy, it has become quite difficult to take good photos of Andy that don't turn out absurdly blurry. We plan on purchasing a more professional camera so that I'm not left to fumble with my camera phone, so hopefully the quality of these monthly photoshoots will begin rising.

This little nutjob is the craziest roller coaster I've yet to ride. He fulfills me, he destroys me, he makes me laugh and cry and everything in between. I'm still figuring out this new person that is my mom self, but I feel far more capable and ready to take on each new day than I did even just a week ago. Sometimes I fall into the trap of thinking, "crap, he's old enough now that I should have everything down and be a pro, I have no excuses," and I try to force myself to slog through all my chores and responsibilities. I often forget that it's okay for me to prioritize napping over laundry and dishes. Speaking of which, Andy is asleep for the moment so I'm gonna run and jump in bed like the floor is made of lava!