Thursday, September 8, 2011

Day of Purple

It was just one of those unintentional things....

My glasses, my tank, the band of the new bag I bought at the Farmer's Market---purple. It's not even my favorite color but what the hey.

I was excited about the bag though....12 bucks. Which isn't THAT much of a deal, considering it was only 15. I forgot to pack a purse along with everything else (go me), and the rainbow caught my eye, but when he said "15" there was no way I was droppin' that much food money for a bag. So I started walking away and he calls out after me, "Do you want it for 12?!" with desperation in his voice.
A) Now I'm getting a "deal" on it.
B) The poor dude wasn't getting any customers.
C) . . . . I really wanted it.

So I bought it. And took this picture--

I set it down on the table and the strap did that on its own! It's a sign....of something. In any case, I likes it :)

Forewarning: If you are an easily offended person, you should probably just go away now. I'm not here to make anyone angry, I'm just talking about my life and what happens day to day. So....just go on and click that little X if you need something more PC

Twas my second day off, today, so after getting that bag (and a whole head of lettuce for $1!) I got on a bus and headed to the Best Buy to get some headphones. It would be nice to watch hulu and skype call somebody without feeling like I'm intruding on my roommates' worlds. Slowly (very slowly), I'm learning the area around here. I find myself looking out the bus window and cataloging, "Oh, that's where that is! Remember that...ooh, and there, I should go there sometime....hey! Panda! I'll go eat there..." I carry around a little red notebook with me and write stuff down pretty much all the time. I just might end up curing my forgetfulness...
Maybe not.
Probably not.
But I'd like to think so.
Anyway, shopping was fine. That's not what I'm trying to get at.
Oh! In case boyfriend ever reads this, BE PROUD OF ME. There was a Michael's with a clearance sale going on and they had scrapbooking stuff for DIRT CHEAP lying around outside and I'll admit, I looked. I practically dug through everything. But I did not buy one single item. It about tore my heart out, but I walked away. /sigh
After all of this, I had to get back to the bus (obvsly). Just barely missed it, again. It was dumb. The light turned green for me to walk across the street and I was halfway there when the stupid bus pulled away. It's like he sat there right until I almost had hope that I'd get on and sped away, cackling to his fat lonely self.
But, in missing this bus, I got to meet 16 year old Jacob.
For the first 10-15 minutes of our nearly half hour interaction I was sure this human was female. There was no doubt in my mind. I had no reason to doubt! He/she/it looked like a girl, sounded like a girl and had feministic qualities. The first thing he said to me was, "You're wearing my favorite color!" similar to the shirt he was wearing, "I love your style..." and there was nothing that occured to me "Hm, this person could be a boy..."
Very feminine sunglasses, hair about as long as mine (and I wish I knew what shampoo/conditioner he used, it was so beautiful and silky!), and the long french manicure nails kinda aided in the girl-image....
They weren't fake nails, or painted, just well kept and long with that natural white strip at the top. He constantly dabbed at his face with a small white cloth because he "breaks out when [he] sweats" and wanted to wear make-up but his aunt told him it's the worst thing you can do for acne.
Go figure. I never thought he was male o.O
Until he gave me his entire familial background story: Turns out his mom died and his dad's a jerkface and this poor kid has gone through quite a bit of hell. Foster homes until his mother's side of the family waged a legal war and got him back in the end. But, his dad remarried and Jacob has met the new people in his father's life and he told me how the stepkids would call him "gay" and tease him about being in cheerleading cuz "it's for girls!"
Yeah, girls...that's what you are isn't it?! oh no...oh dear....
Thank the heavens I'm not super talkative and hadn't said much including anything to reveal my mistake and possibly offend him. Even for the next few minutes I was still confused and unsure what gender of human I was speaking to. I just kinda let him blabber but eventually in talking about his dad he referred to himself as "son" and for the rest of the conversation I was in awe how I could have been so convinced this boy was female for so long. He was very friendly and not terrible to listen to, though obtaining all the dramatic details of a 16 year old she-man were not exactly high on my list of priorities for the day.
It was awkward, and definitely a first.
"Excuse me, sir?"
"ok!....alright bye, human! nice to meetcha individual!"
Glad it didn't turn into that.

There are lots of strange people o'er here. Strange, strange people.

All in all; it was weird.

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