Sunday, September 11, 2011

Who's Driving This Thing?!?!

It's been a really, really messed up week--end...o.O

In the past 47 hours I had my life flipped over and shaken out like an offending bag at the airport by a really grumpy security guard who really just wanted to make a mess and piss people off...and then righted again with most of the stuff going back where it belongs.
It's quite disorienting, I assure you.
But I just made mac'n'cheese with extra cheese, so it's ok.

For reasons I won't disclose (no, even if you ask) boyfriend and I almost had a falling apart. Yes, he does have the honeymoon pretty much planned and yes, most of my pinboards are chock full of ideas and posts directly pertaining to our wedding. So you really could say we almost broke off our "engagement". But a whole lot of prayer mixed with a whole lot of divine inspiration brings us to today with the sun in the sky and a very orange meal.
Mac'n'cheese and orange juice...I feel like I should whip up some broccoli for some color. But, of course, there's no time.
There's never time! People complain about it but ya never realize how right they are until you experience it (story of all our lives, right?). I try to cook something and I find that, " I can't go get a fresh costume from the costuming center! Or I'll be late to clock in! Now I'mma stink the entire night! DANGIT."
I tried to go to church today. At one. Which was very worrisome, considering I have work at 4:15. Which means I needed to get to the park an hour before that (3:15ish). So I should leave right after sacrament. Ride the bus home and get there around 2:30 or so. But I also need to do laundry so I has a clean undershirt to wear that isn't rainbow colored. And make my lunch so I can eat.
But turns out the one o'clock ward was invisible and also telepathic and I'm not awesome so I couldn't really attend...
(But I got my time with the piaaaanoooooo x] small miracles is nice)
So I got home more like 1:45 and life is good. For now. Until the next time it's like,
Great. Thanks for that.

In other news, tomorrow's my day off and this time I'm gonna see World of Color for realzies. And then thursday is my next day off and [singsong voice] I'm going to Disney Choir!! [operatic embellishments] [plus a little jig] [sometimes I just really like the look of brackets]
It's a box. A bracket box.
People miss me! Like, they notice when I'm not around. Apparently I'm STOOPID and missed the real actual first meeting for the choir a couple days ago (last thursday) and this kid I work with, Jeff (aka my other sorta-kinda-half-trainer person), comes up to me at work last night and was like,
"Hey! Are you still doing the choir thing??"
Me: "Oh! Right, I hadn't looked up when that started...."
Jeff: "Oh, well we had our first meeting BUT they're still accepting people this next week! You should come!"
Me: "For sure! I totally will, I still really wanna do this...."
Jeff: "Yeah, me and Vincent were all, 'Where's Hope?!' and wondering where you were..."
Me: mean.... thought of me??

Alright, just kidding, it wasn't THAT pathetic but in my head it nearly was.


Basically, (I totally overuse that word, apologies those who notice) I'm glad I still have a handle on my life and can work it out and actually feel like I'm maybe succeeding a little bit! Yay! Now off to get dressed in NOT A SKIRT and catch the bus...again.

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