Thursday, September 15, 2011

Life Lessons by Hopey

2245 hours:
Let's go on an adventure!
I don't want to cook, so I'mma go find fast food [cuz I've earned it]
Let's wear pajama's cuz they're Cast Exclusive and comfy and I never want to take them off.
"I'm going to walk until I see a fast food restaurant and I'mma eat there!" [this is gonna be GREAT!]
Walking, walking, walking.
Ok, wow. This looks exactly like mini-mexico on main street by the temple. [Nostalgic!]
Walking, walking, walking.
There's a lot of graffiti here....and no people. Where are all the people?
Walking, walking.....walking.
If there's not a food place by this next light, I'm turning left.
2311 hours:
Oh, boyfriend texted! :D
Tell boyfriend about adventure.
Boyfriend speedy quick google maps where I am.
"There's not really any food anywhere and that road is gunna end..."
Sad Hope is sad.
Turn around.
I'll go to Lincoln instead!! :D 
Walking, walking, walking.
Woohoo, hello Lincoln! We is good buddies. You is a block from my apartment building. [Irony!]
2343 hours:
Jack in the Box dining area closes at 11....
Walking, walking....trudging.

0012 hours:
Sittin' on kitchen floor, nom-ing corndogs and pinning.

Why did I ever leave?? 

Also, um, pretty sure dudes just whistle for whistling's sake. Cuz honey, I'm wearing house slippers, sweatpants and a large blue tye-dye shirt with my hair all pulled back with a headband and hairtie. Either you is the most desperate douche on the face of this entire universe or...well, you're a plain ole douche.
Seriously. Keep it to yourself.
No one likes you.

(that has nothing to do with this blog entry other than story of my freaking life!!)

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