Thursday, April 25, 2013


I am freaking out too hard core right now for this to be a facebook post so here are my thoughts, second time through the new THOR movie trailer;

0:04- Gee, I hope this isn't fan made and I got my hopes up for nothing...
0:09 lol floating bus?
0:16 Are we to the slow-motion explosions already?
0:17 Maybe not...
0:19 Wait, go back!! Was that Padme or not?! I'm sorry, uh...Natalie Portman. Whatever.
0:24 floating black iceberg of DOOM!!
0:25 Darcy! Yay!!
0:34 about here began the gasping/squealing/clapping of hands
0:49 bringin' the girlyfriend home to meet the fambam, eh Thor?
0:55 erm, is she dying during childbirth again?? Keep it together woman.
0:57 Batman's pissed he's so left out.
1:17 Katie and the cursed jewelry in Harry Potter, anyone?
1:20 No. NO! Why is Thor kneeling and sad?! Why??
1:27 Ooh, ooh! Yes! Tom Hiddleston!
1:36 Can't even hate him for how much I respect/admire his acting. 
To end: NERDGASM!!

K, I have been DYING since the end of the first movie when they just leave the romantic involvement hanging. I got weirdly and unnecessarily attached to Thor/Jane (Thane? Thorane, Janthor...merp) for who knows why. I love love loved the first one and my heart is literally still pounding even after having typed all this after watching that sneak peek. I totally missed when it's even coming out.
I mean october but that's what I typed Im' so excited. I'm screwing up all over the plce. EXCITED PHILANGES!!
Halloween is going to be wonderful this year. Wonderful indeed!

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Quickly, Quickly!!

Second time I've quoted that exact line from Mulan today. Probably fifth time this week. It's whatever. Mushu is my spirit animal.
"Dragon, DRAGON, not lizard. I don't do that tongue thing. Thhhhhhh!"
Sorry. Moving on.

Quickly, because I only have until my husband gets back from his dad's to finish this post and we wash the truck. Ack!

So here's the musical;

The end.
No, but really, it was so much more fun than I was anticipating. I had originally tried to turn down doing the musical this year but that lasted a couple weeks before they came crawling back begging. Or maybe I did. Who knows. Also, that costume was not my idea. The guys went and found the jackets at a costume shop and demanded that I rent the matching "dress" as well. 
I've never had more fun with a "pit" than this year and I think we looked rather smashing. Not to mention they taught me how to jazz! I'm getting better! Huzzah!!

Now, this here's the perfect example of why I LOVE thrifting. Love, love, love it! Through my [almost] previous job I get to know some of the best people by accompanying for them and they are [almost] always so kind and give me the most wonderful 'thank you's'. Most recently, the Parkers gave me a $25 gift card to Nordstrom's. Now that money was burning a blazing hole in my skinny wallet and yesterday my mom accompanied me to the nearest Nordstrom's where I got this shirt.
I forgot to take a real picture so here's me currently in it sitting and blogging;

I haven't yet decided if it's meant as "activewear"...goshdangit!! Mark just called. He's already headed back. BUMMERNUT. 
Life! Y U no let me blog?!

Well, now that I'm all wet. 
SO! That shirt right up there came out to $34.82 and so with my gift card I only paid less than $10. Score, right?

That right there depicts the two work dresses, one maxi/baby-bump dress, two skirts, and two shirts that I got at Goodwill today; for $32.78.  Not to mention the miscellaneous treasures I couldn't pass up. Eleven times the product for the same price. Less than that even. Like, say wut??

Apparently I'm committing to learning how to make "fancy" tarts. As opposed to slummy tarts. These are fancy ones. Also we love soup and large bowls so a large bowl that has handles and the word SOUP on both sides is $1 well spent. Got a cute belt and there was a chameleon beanie baby named Iggy that I identified with so I had to bring him home. He may get called "Pascal" more often than "Iggy" but whatever. Another $0.39 well spent.

Now we're off for a evening of homemade cooking and board gaming with the bestest of friends and I'm already slap-happy-tired from this busy day.
At least I remembered to transfer the wet laundry to the dryer before we leave. Woot.

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Feels Good

I am DYING to talk about this. Out loud. With people. Because obviously my husband's ear is about to fall off from all my stressed out rambling. Only, it's not quite appropriate for me to spread the news just yet. But everything finally started happening today so I'm just gonna talk about it now while it's still fresh and post later when I can.
And with that, I HAVE A NEW JOB!!
I'm putting the double life on the shelf and simplifying things in anticipation of house-buying and kid-making. I love, L-O-V-E, working with the choir kiddos and I can't really think too much about leaving or I get heart palpitations. It's an absolute dream come true, but other dreams are taking priority for now. Not to mention I've had a genuine good time learning so much at my retail job for GMS Tactical. I'm leaving some very good things for (hopefully) something better.
It may not be what one would call a "dream job" or what I'm necessarily passionate about but it will provide us with much needed stability and job consistency (not to mention some heftier paychecks).
And I have some wonderful friends to thank for it. Thank goodness for word of mouth and recommendations. I waited almost two weeks to hear if I could get an interview with this company and this past wednesday while I was out at the garden for my biology class I got a call from Tanner that they wanted me to come in for the highly anticipated interview!! ....the next day. Panic!
Thursday was one of the most stressful days of my life. I won't delve much into that because it's messy, long, and will only accentuate the already present splitting headache invading my private head space. The day did end though, and I was no closer to knowing if I had a new job and a better ticket to fulfilling some of our dreams as a family. At the interview they told me I needed to go to a clinic to complete a drug test and physical exam as well as get a copy of my diploma and social security card to them. I had absolutely no time left on thursday to complete those tasks before the day was over and prepared myself for a hectic morning today. It felt like too much to hope that being asked to do all those things was a good sign and we decided to not call it anything and not think about it or talk about it.
So this morning! I woke up with Mark and realized I probably shouldn't wash my hair if I wanted it to be curly for the Grease show tonight. Heh, irony. After getting my hair in some semblance of a retro-do and gathering up the essentials I'd need for going straight from work to the show. I made it to the clinic about fifteen minutes after it opened and the waiting room was already occupied by about thirteen people. Goodness gracious. Luckily my wait time was said to be a total of an hour and thirty minutes which fit perfectly into my tight schedule for the morning.
But then it got weird, and mostly awkward. The nurse lady I got was indian or some sort of eastern brand of foreign and I didn't understand most of what she said, not to mention she was very abrupt and never faced me when she spoke to me so I never knew when she was telling me to do something or talking into her super sneaky hidden micophone walkie-talkie thingmabob. Also, everyone has mega shifty-eyes around the drug-screening pee bathroom. Like we can't own up to the fact that yes, we are handing someone a tiny bucket of our own urine without going red-faced. A man passed by me while I was doing said pee-handoff and his eyes looked everywhere but at my own. She led me to another room where I stood on a scale and she took my weight and height before I had a chance to realize I was slouching like a sad, wilted plant. Then the blood pressure test which I HATE and have/will always HATE. The necessary tightness of it stresses me out and it kinda hurts when the blood gets pumping through there. Then she actually handed me the thermometer to take my own temperature, like what? I am fine with you putting that in my mouth, why do I need to be trusted with that particular chore? Which I should not have been because you know what happened? I didn't pay attention to the fact that it was attached to the cart by a very tightly wound springy cord and the second my fingers fumbled just a tad it went flying back with great crashing noises. But she didn't scowl like I expected, she laughed a little. And I felt better.
Then she asks if I wear glasses or contacts and I know; the dreaded eye exam is up next. I am SO bad with these it's terrible. I stress out and panic and miss all the instructions so then they probably think I'm legitimately blind because I just don't answer.

And there you have our whole exchange. Except a lot more of,
"Oh wait, my hair's in the way..." (remember I'm all retro today, it's great)
"Um, I think it disappeared...."
"Oh, no I just scoot down, okay got it."
"Uhh, they're all the same? I guess, right?" optical illusions are the worst. They're changing! I don't know which one sticks out more!!
"8, 16, 354, and uhhh...a bunch of squiggley lines?" By the time I get to the end of it I'm just mocking myself and my inability to function and you know what she says?
"Oh, there isn't a number on that last one, it is just squiggles."

Only it wasn't. Rude.
She then leads me down the hall, around a corner, down another hall and into an examination room with the crinkley paper table and a funny lookin' medical-ish recliner. She invites me to take a seat but just as I'm squatting my bum over the chair she goes,
"Oops! No, you're supposed to have an audiogram as well, this way please."
Back down the hall around the same corner, down the same hall, and around another corner and into a small room with a large metal box in it rigged, I should think, to look exactly like the electric chair from "The Green Mile".

K, not totally but it had the same effect on my stress levels. I've had lots of problems with my ears in this lifetime and I was not anticipating a remarkable score on this particular test.
I sat and watched her mouth move as she gave me instructions but I couldn't hear over the sound of my own panic rising and taking up all the space in the teeny tiny box I was now being shut into. The back of the door had a million little holes in it probably so the scratch marks wouldn't show of previous torturees but if I looked at any inner surface of the box it would begin to swim and swirl as my vision went crazy from the illusion. But if I shut my eyes I lost concentration and involuntarily began day dreaming and kept missing the impossibly soft little "bleeps" in the vise-like headphones wrapped around my skull that meant I was supposed to press the clicker that would probably engage the electrical current sequence. My right ear took eternities and there was a lot of silence for my left ear.
She finally freed me from my avant garde vertical casket and took me back to the examination room and left me there. I waited and was determined to not pull my phone out and pass the time with facebook or pinterest because I was convinced it was a test to see if my attention span was adequate or just plain pitiful.
Go figure, turns out it's pitiful.
The doctor I had looked remarkably like the wise ancient turtle sensei in Kung Fu Panda...

Only less grandfatherly and more pedofile-ish.
In all fairness he was very pleasant and didn't waste time blabbering. Asked the necessary questions, looked in my ears and remarked, "I'm surprised your hearing test went so well, looking at these scars in both your ears..." which more than surprised me. I guess the nervous twitch in my clicker hand did me well.
He waved a bright light in my face multiple times, confusing me with instructions to either not look or do look, follow the light, but never told me before he started the exercise.
Suddenly, and terribly randomly, he points to my arm and spouts off all this medical jargon that ending in "eczema". Apparently I have very minor, subtle skin irritations on my arms that make it look slightly red beneath my freckles. It won't necessarily get worse or effect me in any way I just get to be self conscious about it for the rest of my life, same as Mr. Regan's uneven eyes.
He had me stand up and breathe with his little stethoscope on my chest and for whatever insane reason I made eye contact that he reciprocated. For the whole entire first breath we just STARED. It was intense. I never faltered. He broke to go around back and have a listen there as well and I felt proud of my snippet of backbone. Then I realized how unnecessary and weird that really was and wondered why I did it.
All in all, turns out I'm the picture of health and they sent me on my way with a bunch of paperwork to give the new company I was interviewing with.
I immediately headed back to my interview site to hand over the requested items and while I was there, something amazing happened.
They told me I was hired!! So long as the background check and drug screen go well. I will be more shocked than anybody if they don't. I beamed all the way out the door and to my car and out of the parking lot on my way to a costume shop to pick up a piece of necessary clothing for the show tonight and tomorrow night. More on that later.
I felt so good and so happy driving away from Maxis, knowing I'd worked very hard to get those simple words, "We would like to bring you on the team". I hit preset station 6 on my radio and heard the very last syllable of a commercial and the very beginnings of my absolute favorite song start up.

My JAM was playing right after I got the coveted job. It was like my very own movie moment. I pumped my fist, I squealed, I danced and I sang. It was a happy moment. I went and picked up the costume, I could afford it even with our current restrictions and on my way to get lunch before work, my boss texted me and let me know I could have the day off. Save money on food and go home for a few hours?
Prayers are great things guys :)
I'm doing laundry for the first time in like, 3 weeks and I'm actually blogging! A nice, long (maybe too much, eh?), detailed post about important things! Oh, it feels good to be me today.
It certainly feels good.
Also, here's a conversation with my husband I just wanted to share, for some reason. I don't even remember what it's about as I'm typing this, I just know there's a screenshot on my phone that I wanted to post in this...

Oh, right! My husband asked for veggies, guys!! Yes, he wants ranch with them, but still! Ve-ge-ta-bulls.
He ate all the yummy snacks, though. Boo.

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Inner 5-year-old is muchly pleased

hey guess what i'm excited wanna know why?!
So last year the hubster and I joined Disney Movie Club and we are absolutely loving it! The deals and the movies and all the disney lovin' is makin' me quite happy and he likes it when I'm happy so everyone's happy. Win-win ;)
Also you can earn up points for some pretty sweet things. Obviously the sweetest things will take years and years and years. But anyway. We like it, alright?
We recently preordered Wreck-It Ralph (best decision evar) and it came as a package deal with Finding Nemo and a cool 3-D Card. 

But the BEST part was the special offer with the Wreck-It Ralph purchase code; they let you use the code to buy the movie soundtrack and download it for $5.25!! I'm a total soundtrack fangirl and Wreck-It Ralph is one of the best in a long time. Also I die for some Owl City. Yesh pleashe! Mark said it was okay and I just spent the last hour running around the house and bouncing off the walls excited. Minus the 5 minutes where my wallet went all AWAL MIA. Rude. But I found it! No worries.
I downloaded the music and promptly picked "When Can I See You Again" to dance around like a luny lunatic. 
Then Mark let me in on a little secret. can put music from your computer onto your phone and make RINGTONES out of it!!
See above gifs.
That was my face and actions for 15 straight minutes while he helped me figure it out. I literally sat with my phone increasing the ringtone length by 0.5 second increments to get it to sound exactly right. Mark had to finally convince me, "that one sounds great!"
"That last one? At 80.72?"
"Yeah, it's perfect....oookay you're changing it again."
"I just wanna get the downbeat right! The chord isn't quite finished..."
"Yes! There! Perfect."
"80.74? Yeah, okay. It's great. Do I save it?"
I then made him immediately call me and danced some more to my new awesome Owl City from Wreck-It Ralph ringtone that sounds slightly dubstepped when my phone's laying on a flat surface because of the vibrate but whatevs.
Sweet mother of monkey milk, it's awesome.

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Heaven Help Us

General Conference installment #1

Mine and Mark's reaction to Elder Ballard's tomato analogy;
Mark: I want a garden...
Me: Dude! You don't even know! I want one so baaaad....I guess his point is that you have a garden in your soul.
Mark: Mm. I guess we're all tomatoes then.
Me: haha! We're all just millions of tomatoes.
Mark: Oh my gosh! That makes perfect sense!! I hate tomatoes!

I love my sweet little grumpy hermit husband. He's so not a people-person.
Disclaimer; we love Conference. I am so grateful to be a member of this church and this is one of my favorite weekends in the whole year. I believe and know that our leaders are inspired and called of our Heavenly Father and Elder Ballard's tomato story was wonderful.
We're just a little immature sometimes.
Please don't get your panties in a wad.