Saturday, September 3, 2011

Sir Blog-post, Knight of SoCal

(I forgot to title this post, so that up there is what I come up with.....)

It's 10:12....
This is preposterous! I should be making a poop-face and lifting/pulling cartloads of dishes everywhere in the underground world of SCARY-DISNEY. There's Happy-Disney, where you can see the sun and all the happy shiny people who love life because they're at the happiest place on earth (minus the tired children who just want to cry a river and scream their lungs out).
Then there's scary-Disney. That's where I live! It's like the monster underneath your bed, except it's....well, real. But not really, it's not too bad...
(she says after just working 3-9:30, the bestest shift EVAR)
But nope! I'm here at home because, as aforementioned, got off at 9:30! Woot-woot!! And now I can blog and it's not 2 in the morning! And now I can go to sleep early so I can get up early and go to church!
And then go back to work, till 1 the next morning.
I'm tellin' ya people, I never been so excited to go to church. Which may or may not be helped along by the fact it could be the first time I've been able to touch a stinkin' piano in three and a half weeks. I'm DYIN' here! Remember me mentioning I went to the park with my mom and sister (/sister's family)?? Yeah? Ok, well at one point we went to their hotel room, which is located in the Grand Californian which is the real nifty lodge-y sorta place directly connected to DCA (Disney California Adventure).....
There were TWO perfectly good grand pianos, not in use just begging for me--no, taunting me! They leered and shouted mean things! Well, not really but they might as well have for how hurt I felt. I saw the first piano and pretty much stopped cold, finding myself in this funky almost really-gotta-pee stance trying to not run over and hug it and cry and my mom turned around, saw me and I think she tried to ask what I was doing but couldn't find the right words to inquire of her psychotic freak daughter.
It was locked, anyway.

Got a ride home from a cute boy, last night.
[cue 13 year olds] OoooooOOOOOOoOooooooOOOo!!
Except he was short.
I texted boyfriend though and he sent me ":'("
I replied, "Muahahahha!! ;)"
The winkyface makes everything better.
He's nice, one of my coworkers in the kitchen but that strong, silent type who you're pretty sure if you say another word he's gonna slap a beefy hand over your mouth and make you shutup. Short but pretty darn built, I must say....Actually met one of his roommates on the bus, this evening.
"It's a small world aaaafter aaallll...." [waves hands in conducting pattern]
"It's a world of _________, a world of ________...." x a bajillion
Maybe once I'm in my coffin, I will be rid of that song.
Except for then I'll be in heaven and the world really will look small!! There's no escaping! /sob

Every single night I come home I'm craving ice cream. In a way I've never craved before. I'm pretty sure there's a sweet-tooth hormone specifically attributed to women, so I've "wanted" ice cream plenty of times in the past. But I get home and it's like I legitimately need this cold, creamy, smooth ice cream to finish off the day appropriately.
Be proud of me, as I am, that I have not yet caved to this insane craving.
I think I will slice up an apple though, and scoop up some nutella :)
SCREW FRESHMAN 15!! Introducing, the new Freshman -10! Brought to you by paying bills, buying groceries and walking everywhere. Not only are you dirt poor, you sold your soul to Mickey Mouse so good luck deciding whether you want to invest in apples or socks!
But choose wisely, or your extremely unstable safari jeep will veer to the left because you looked directly at the eyecatching (and also blinding) flashing lights from the evil buddha on the wall and the rest of your life will be terrible and Indiana Jones will forever be dry humping that piece of rope hanging from the ceiling.........
My life is made up of Disney quotes and ride analogies.
Not my fault. Brainwashed.

I wish I could remember why I started blogging in the first place! son of a stinking nutcracker.
Oh! Stinking!
This DUDE! Oh my goodness. Absolutely reeked of urine on the bus. But I was actually socializing and talking to these other kids from the college program and they were smiling at me, unlike so many of my experiences thus far, so it's not like I could move away without offending both my peers and the stinking-toilet-wonder. /sigh. Such is life.
Speaking of life, kinda tired of facing it awake at the moment. Reverting back to basic survival skills 101-- "eat" and "sleep".
Peace out.
er, Peace in?

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