Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Heavens to FREAKIN' Betsy

Guys! Good news! I do love my family! 
In all seriousness, though. I'm relieved. I don't want to be that person who distances themselves from the people who should be most important! That's just not right. Today, I got to spend most of the entire day hanging out in Disneyland with my mother, my older sister and her family (husband and three kids). I also had loads of fun with an old high school friend who is going to school real close nearby (get to know her here). 
I realized halfway through the day, that it made me kinda frowny inside to think that at the end of the day I wouldn't be hopping in a car with my mom and staying in some hotel room with her, or going home with her. We'd be going our separate ways...again
I was sad! It was like that moment in Enchanted when Giselle gets super excited because she feels angry and she becomes this total freaky bipolar woman of weirdness...and then she fingers McDreamy's chest hair and it's super awkward. 
I was just excited I was sad (no chest hair). I wasn't devastated, but I was, like I said, "frowny inside".
So that was a pretty little happy lightbulb moment. Huzzah.

[insert sound of pure happiness]
We went and saw World of Color. Not in the bestest spot one could hope for, but you could still see most of what was going on and I CANNOT EXPRESS TO YOU WHAT I EXPERIENCED. I simply cannot. I'm not kidding when I say barely a minute into it I was tearing up from complete and utter joy. I'm pretty sure the fantastic speaker system with the fabulous soundtrack ringing in my ears is what set me off.
But still.
There were tears. Like, 5 separate times. I'd tear up and be all emotional and the scene would end, and something new would start up and I'd be fine, dancing around and laughing and yelling "OH MY GOSH THIS IS TOO COOL FOR ME TO HANDLE!" with this short fat woman looking around her shoulder like I was poking her in the back of the neck with a squid tentacle dripping in chocolate (the face you're making, that's about what she looked like). But then it would hit me again and I'd be holding my face and crying. I was a mess of pure happy.
At the end my mom hugs me from the side and says, "I'm so glad I got to be here and watch you enjoy this. You made it much more entertaining."
I told you. For some reason they love my imposing over-reactions. Whatever /shrug
I'm pretty much going to go back every time I have a spare moment around 8 in the evening and figure out how to see it from the very, very front. Because I'm obsessed and perusing iTunes for the soundtrack as we speak (, as I type....). 

I love Disney! I really, really do <3

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