Tuesday, August 30, 2011

In Case You're Wondering....

Wanna know what I did today?

I went...to the gym.
I walked across the hall to the teeny tiny rec room we've got here in the apartment building. I'm not even joking you, it's right across the hall. Like, open our front door and stare at the other door across the hall. So basically, I have no excuse whatsoever to not get my lazy butt off the couch and spend at least half an hour in there.
And I did! Today, I did. I got up and went. I tried to remember stuff from my pilates class from senior year and, well, pretty much failed. But I did sweat....a little.
Annnd that filled up my productive quota for the day. Except for I still might walk on over to CVS and scout out some more black socks. Cuz uhhhhpparently my job calls for black socks, not white. Like the 7 pairs I bought before arriving. Well boo. If they're not there then I'm gonna have fun figuring out how to get to the Walmart that's too far away to walk.
I would be a boss and walk there, I assure you, but both my mother and my boyfriend would have things to say about that, due to recent events such as Creepers Galore.
I don't wanna die just yet. Thanks.

So I watched about 3 episodes...I guess it was more like 5 (ahem, seven), of Prison Break. The newest best show of my life.
You probably don't know it but I'm an obnoxious person to watch movies with. Seriously, annoying. I can't seem to just "aww" or "gasp" like a normal human being. All the socially acceptable audible reactions end up building up in my limbs and all of a sudden I've got tourette's. I physically flail and spasm. Something cute happens and I writhe on the couch like there's a squirrel in my bra. There's an intense time crunch and apparently I shot Monster straight into my veins, jittering and twitching. I really don't understand how people stand it. My friends seem to think it's funny, cute and/or admirable. Admirable? Yeah. It's one of those qualities my boyfriend mentioned he liked about me....
Hey, I'm not complaining. If it makes him smile when I squeal and shake the couch as the hero jumps from the dock onto the boat where the damsel in distress is being hijacked away by the dastardly villain, then woo-hoo! We're set for life x]
Prison Break.
It's kind of the worst I've ever been. And nobody who knows me is around to laugh at it and I feel really stupid. They did much too good of a job developing these characters because I have never been more attached to a fictional storyline...that took place a few years back!

Speaking of tv shows. I don't know if I can live 5 months with the shows my roommates watch.
Keeping Up With the Kardashians; If I WANTED to watch sisters whine and purposely turn their lives into a Soap Opera I would go. home. Mkay? Grow up and get out of the tabloids. Seriously.
Jersey Shore; I--I have no words. I really don't. Except those...no words.
Scrubs; Yeah, nope. Not funny. Dumb. Grey's Anatomy all the way, baby.
And now there's this "tosh.o" thing that's on and I am appalled. It is the stupidest thing I have ever witnessed.
There's no escaping the stupid!!

And that's what I've done today :)

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