Friday, August 30, 2013

Hashtag Palooza

We gave you guys a glimpse on Facebook and Instagram at the insanity that spilled forth when Ali was texting me about house drama and included the simple but eloquent #logicforthewin hashtag which, naturally, made me think of Spock.

Because logically, logic leads to Spock.
So Ali posted that screenshot right as I was doing the same, so I took on the next part of our conversation which went as follows...

Only it didn't end there.
Oh, no. Most certainly, it did not.


Then it got into personal conversing with scattered hashtagging but I won't go into that.
Can we just appreciate the perfect line I made over her phone number on that second to last screenshot? Had to shutoff my brain while I was doing that to not care about how sloppy I was drawing those on. But that one is perfect, and on the first try, so we're good.

In conclusion, I do enjoy quoting movies :)

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