Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Easily Distracted Song lyrics

What if songs had ADD and randomly just drifted off mid-sentence?

"If you cut me I suppose I would bleed..."
Owl City

"I like where you sleep..." Edward? Is that you?

"Farewell powdery paradise..." this can either be a donette factory accident fantasy or a substance abuse lamentation.
Owl City

"Midair, I woke up..." that's called levitation. Gozer may be interested in your fridge.
Owl City

"Cuz I don't want you to know where I am..." they have witness protection for that.
Relient K

"I'm waking up in ash and dust...." #pompeiiproblems
Imagine Dragons

"Home is a boxcar..." 

Owl City

"You and I ignite..."
"I set fire to the rain..."
"The frozen days we set ablaze..." um, arson is dangerous. Ya little pyros.
New Heights, Adele, Owl City

I've always admired Owl City's Adam Young and his lyrics but recently I just kept hearing "if you cut me I suppose I would bleed" separated from the rest of the song and it made me giggle. Then I pictured songs as little balls of walking color repeating their lyrics to themselves but getting distracted and making zero sense.

Any songs you can think of that are extra bizarre taken out of context?

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