Wednesday, September 4, 2013

I Can Haz a Dream...

As per the norm, I read something on the internetz...

And I made a Facebook status about it...

And that wasn't enough so now I'm here to talk about it some more.

But mostly to talk about what I wanna do to fix it.
Except I'm so much for serious. Like, really. srsbsns gaiz.

Okay, enough with the gifs, I know. Sorry.
Remember how awhile ago I made this post about how much my life [read: wants] would be made easier with money?
A few of my bullet points are about adopting dogs and getting educated in veterenary skillz and owning a huge amount of property (and something about a Beast's Castle library, I dunno).
Well, turns out my brain can't stop thinking about that idea.
What if we managed to somehow buy a plot of land that was exceedingly spacious and somewhere not so blazingly, disgustingly hot as Arizona? What if we could construct a sizable "kennel barn" of sorts and outfit it to be pretty snug and cozy? What if we did all that and could go around to shelters and take in their old dogs and the ones born with a bad rap?
It would be like a haven/old-folks home for dogs.
I hate that the old fellers hafta die cramped in those kennels because nobody wants to adopt 'em and deal with the heartbreak of losing a dog so soon. They already grace us with such short lifespans, bringing one into the family when they're far out of their prime is just emotional torture at it's best.
I totally understand that!
We're seriously looking for a dog now and don't want one much older than a year because we need to be able to train it and want it around for as long as possible.
But it breaks my heart in the meantime for the others.
What if they could be taken to a place where they can run around as they please, ruff-n-tuff with some buddies until their hips sag and their energy lags?
Wouldn't that "quality of life" be better than holding out for the hope that somebody will hug them other than the nurse putting them down?
I don't even know what an appropriate or manageable number would be for that sort of thing and sadly we'd still have to screen out potential hazardous dogs, I mean I'm not crazy. But even then I'd want to have a separate housing facility for "trauma" cases. The ones that need that extra TLC to not be so defensive and scared.
It would literally be the opposite of the underground dog fighting ring.
It's so shiny and beautiful and great in my head.
But I don't even know what it would actually take to make it a reality.
Not to mention I couldn't do this until we were done having kids. Once our last was settled in school, probably second or third grade, then I could see really going somewhere with it. And this would be more my "side-business" than Mark's, cuz lezbihonest. It would turn into a business.
But non-profit, obvsly. Nobody's gonna pay me to house unwanted strays.
And do I hafta have a permit for that?
And how much better would it really be?
The idea is to basically have an enclosed ranch for dogs, where they can go about the yardage as they please, pooping and sniffing to their hearts desires....the barn would be for shelter and sleeping cubbies but I wouldn't round them up at night or anything. If they're misbehaving I guess we'd keep doors on the "cubby" to shut them in.
But what kind of fence would be adequate enough? Cuz dogs like to dig. And some are good jumpers and climbers. I don't want it to look like a freaking holocaust camp or anything.
But I guess if it's all the older dogs they won't have much energy for escaping...

Obviously I haven't done adequate research on this yet, but I've really only been contemplating it for a couple weeks. Seriously contemplating it. My husband and I talked about it a long time ago as one of those bucket list things you would love seeing yourself doing before you die but not really putting much thought into it.
I'm thinking a lot of thoughts about it.

But be ye prepared! I'm pretty sure there will be more on this after I become a research wizard and figure out my life or at least just become more comfortable with the chaos therein.

Seriously. ^^My life in a nutshell.

Also, I think I just admitted to you guys that I want to be an old, crazy dog lady. The lesser known hermit cousin of the crazy cat lady.
Except for I'll totally allow cats, too!

So I'm the crazy dogcat lady? Just crazy lady will do. Either this could be the best idea ever or I'll just end up getting locked away for having a dog/cat farm. But not really a farm because I'M NOT STUPID and will make sure every "tenant" is spayed/neutered respectively.
I'm crazy and okay with it.

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