Monday, August 26, 2013

This is my journal and I write what I want!

I seriously just had to switch off my Piano Guys radio because it was simply too stressing, painful, depressing, all words not normally associated with that station. I was getting so emotional though, because I've suddenly discovered just how much I've missed having my piano so readily accessible. My parents recently moved and it's not even that they moved far away, they just don't have a good spot in their current house for a nine-foot piano so it has stayed packed up and standing on it's lovely side. The fact that in three weeks it could be unwrapped and set up in my own house is killing me and my fingers are itching to get at it again.
I would also like to make it known that I feel so silly for this post. I am such a snob and I own up to that. "Oh, poor baby doesn't have her $30,000 instrument to play on. Pobrecita."
K, but srsly guys this is hard.
That piano holds more of me than I do.
My whole history is in that piano.
I can measure my life by the songs that have gone into that piano.
So while yes, it is silly just know that there is a reason behind my pining.

Everyone's faces when I start talking about
that darn piano again.

Me, deciding if I care or not.

How I feel these last three weeks of waiting.
Waiting and signing and waiting.

When I get those title papers in my hands tomorrow.

And then waiting for the current owner to move.

Watching her moving truck get filled and roll away.

Our first walk through the empty house.

Realizing we have to paint and carpet the whole house...
in one week.

Finishing it cuz we be boss like that.

Deciding where to put all our stuff.

Realizing that we've just moved our whole life
into our very own house....

But then...

We're homeowners.

It's gon' be gooooood!

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