Tuesday, August 20, 2013


Shows that I want [NEED] to get into based solely on the fandoms; 
(and the fact that the shows themselves look


Alright, this is actually because I'm already obsessed with 
Benedict Cumberbatch but I digress.

Not to mention I need in on all these faces
Martin makes...


You, you sneaky fandom you, 
you guys made me think this show was SO different
than what it actually is. 
I got about half a season in and realized
all the quirky and funny I'd been seeing all over the internet
is NOT included in the episodes.
(Well, in small quantities, perhaps.)
The poor Winchesters.

But dood, dat face.

Doctor Who

But not just one Doctor.
I want to see them ALL.
I desperately desire to be a Whovian
but I am painfully aware of how much effort 
(ahem, time) that is going to take.
And then on top of the fact that 
I won't be a true Whovian
because I had to get in
after the fact.
Sad Hope is sad.

I want to, Matt! 
I really, really want to.

Plus, "wibbley wobbley timey wimey"?
He speaks my language!

I'd be a great Whovian guys,
I swear.
Somebody make me an honorary Whovian?

Legend of Korra

Is that even right?
That's what it's called, right?
I love the artwork for this one
and I wish I'd seen the Last Airbender.

That is legitimately what I dreamt of being as a child.
And talk about a role model. 
Kickbutt AND clothed?

I'm already a Browncoat.
In fact, Whedonites unite!
I'm an Avengers fangirl (I've seen "Shawarmamers" as a proposed fandom name, lawlz).
I get misty-eyed just thinking about Harry Potter.
LOTR comes out every rainy day. (Aragorn so hard. You can keep your silly Legolas.)
BAT. MAN. Christopher Nolan. Uggggh.
I would most definitely probably maybe have an affair with RDJ if the opportunity arose. No shame.
I am endlessly saddened there isn't a more prominent fandom for Mistborn. /le sigh.
My heart is made of Disney.

The list goes on and on. 

I'm afraid though, that the only way I'm going to be able to start getting into these shows/fandoms is once I have more time at home. Which if you read my last post (and judging by the amount of pageviews I got since posting, you most likely have) (holy goodness guys, put the word "baby" in the title and suddenly everyone and their mom wants to read) is only gonna be once we start having kids.
Is it sad that this fact makes my desire to have children skyrocket a bit?
My kids will have the best taste in shows.
It's for the children!

You're judging me, I can feel it.

Oh yeah.
House, too.

It never ends.


  1. SHERLOCK IS SO AWESOME. I love everything about it, and I highly recommend it. It's a lot less work than Doctor Who but just as awesome/heartbreaking. And Doctor Who is FANTASTIC but yes, it does take a lot of effort but it's worth it. Next rainy day, instead of getting out LOTR start Doctor Who (and I recommend starting at the Tenth Doctor rather then starting all the way at the beginning right away) and I guarantee by the second episode of Rose/Ten's episodes you'll be in love.

  2. I will be your Doctor Who spirit guide. Also, I haven't seen Legend of Korra either but I loved The Last Airbender so...it's only a matter of time.