Friday, August 23, 2013

Hello, Batman?


Did you think this was gonna be about Aflac?

Er, I mean Affleck? A certain Ben Affleck?
I honestly don't care. I have my Batman trilogy from Christopher Nolan with Christian Bale, Heath Ledger, Michael Caine, and Morgan Freeman. I'm good.
But here are other things happening that should probably mean more to you than which Hollywood star has landed one more role in a blockbuster years down the road.

LGBT awfulness going on. I am refraining from getting into this too deeply but can't we all act like humans with souls and just not make others miserable?

Sketchy on the culture included in the earth you live on? Educate yo'self. 

Ever wonder if Brits sit around trying to speak 'murican? If you have, enjoy a simple diagram of how some europeans view America.

Buzzfeed not a viable enough source? Apologies.

Syrian chemical explosions and dead people. UN wants answers. American intervention? Or maybe all a false-alarm.

I guess I'll take record heat over bombings. None of our business right? Certainly. There is no need to be sticking our nose into other countries' wars until called upon. But under no circumstances do I believe that gives us any validity to sticking our heads in the sand, content to just carry on with our tabloid musings and coffee sipping.

Educate yo'self.

There's a whole world we're living on. There's no magic bubble around your life that keeps you quarantined from it all. It's your job to keep up on what's happening, to stay informed, to be aware.
None of us is going to be able to stop the bombs. None of us has the power to retract the toxic chemical gases. No single one of the microscopically small margin of people who happen upon my blog will be able to tackle the prejudice and absolute horrific circumstances revolving the LGBT community right now and fix it.
But I do believe in chain progression. You can make a difference for someone. And that someone can make a difference for another someone. It's painfully slow, it's barely anything, but it's progress.
 Christlike attributes aren't holding aloft the tablets inscribed with the Ten Commandments and beating the heads of our fellow man with them. Being Christlike is not taking it upon ourselves to teach and reprimand and "fix" others.
All we are required to do is be kind and use our time to help others. All the rest will fall in line. Service is a big deal in my church and I don't do near enough of it. I feel the effect in my life when I am or am not serving. Starkly. That's something I need to work on.
There will always be people around to help when times are dark and hearts are heavy.
Be one of those people.

Be the single candle held up against the darkness.
"Be the change you want to see in the world."
Be the example.
Use your powerful choices to open the hearts and minds of those around you.


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  1. This got unexpectedly deep at the end. I loved it :)

    love you!