Monday, August 26, 2013

Original Friday

So basically I had a conniption on Friday and thought I could post something worthwhile rather than silly and I'm not sure what came over me but it got super serious and weird but I'm not apologizing. I still believe in what I said. Not my normal MO in the blogosphere but hey, can't always be bizarre and random and off-the-wall.
Except here's what I had written for that day, then didn't post because I wrote my Batman post instead (here if you missed it). It's going to be a bit of a timewarp because ain't no way I'm going through the whole thing and rewriting it so that it's properly worded in the past. But I will at least put it in another font. That denotes wibbly-wobbly timey-wimey difference, right?

I just realized I feel like poor Mrs. Bennett today. At least the Kiera Knightley movie version.
I'm sniffling so I constantly have a kleenex up to my face (no handkerchiefs for this girl, sorry). My hair is falling about my face in frantic tendrils. There's a burning behind my eyes, resulting in an ever present appearance that I'm on the verge of tears.

Other than that revelation, today is so bipolar.
We got up at the blessed hour of five to be over at the house and help out with the estate sale.

Which was actually kinda problematic in that I wanted basically half of what she is selling! That painting in the bottom left corner? Desperately wish to re-border it in white and hang in a bathroom. The pink lamp that is quite popular on my social media? Definitely wanted that for the nursery. As well as a table lamp that was the same kind of pink but fluted glass.
And mirrors. Apparently I have an obsession with mirrors. We already have...(quick head count)...eight? Yeah, eight decorative mirrors. And she had quite a few. Mark noticed my gaze linger longingly and gave me a cute stern look with a firm, "No."
And I sighed because I know we don't need 'em. I don't even know why I like them so much. I guess I wasn't traumatized enough in those mirror house carnival attractions.
Now I'm at work and waiting for my dear husband to bring lunch in and wondering how much it would help/hurt if I ransacked the break room cupboards and swallowed a mix of every kind of medicine available. But I won't. Because that would require getting up. And I'm doing as little of that as possible today.
But after work I get to rush home, change, grab a quick bite to eat so I'm not that starving person eating all the snacks because then I'm headed to the Blogger Meetup at Clothes Minded! I am so stoked. I missed the last meetup and was very put out because I didn't go.

(Anyone else always think of Humperdinck with the words "put out"? "I shall be very put out"...please say it isn't just me...) 

I love my blogger friends and recently remarked to one of them, "When did I start having too many friends to keep track of? What is this nonsense?"
These women are inspiring, and lovely, and remarkable, and funny, and joyous, and I love getting to know them in person along with reading their wonderful words. Even the ones with the "lifestyle" blogs. They make me feel normal and part of something really worthwhile. Blogging is the greatest.
And then I'm chillin' with the bestie cuz what better way to start the weekend off right?
Answer; there is none better.

So in short, I'm tired and grumpy because mornings and headcolds, but I'm so happy because I saw our house again today and I can't wait to be living in it, but I'm bored at work, but I'm excited for tonight, but I'm afraid I'm gunna drop dead cuz this is a pretty full day for a burgeoning sicky.

So thusly I'm Mrs. Bennet? I dunno, it made sense at one point, now I kinda forgot how/why.

Disapproving Mrs. Bennet disapproves.

Whew! And just because they're so wonderful, I'm stealing pics of the blogger meetup since that's what I talked about in here anyway...

All us lovely ladies (minus our dear photographer Ali) with 
Ashley of The Shine Project!

They even let me in their nice pictures.
Such saints.

Flash loves me.

Ali/Allie Sammich

Teach me how to photogenic.
I'm seriously a project child, guys.

Oh yeah, um so this happened.
I need another Cafe Rio enchilada style burrito.
Like, need

Mirror pics in Home Goods.
Not a good place to discover on the eve of owning a house.
Kiss da monies goodbye.

You people are my favorite!
So happy to have met you and I just want to keep y'all around forever.
Thanks for laughing with me and 
for all the smiles.
You make it easier to live with the 
less-sparkly side of this world we live in.


  1. I got what you need.. well sparkle that is. not much else lol. :) umm and that adam levige? meme... I die.

  2. I love you sooooo much!! (and I'm glad you stole the pictures! YAY!) It would NOT have been the same without you there so I'm glad you were able to get through the fog of coldness ;) Also, our epic sing-along sesh?? Pretty much I had a sore throat the whole next day and I sang more anyway hahaha ;)