Friday, August 16, 2013

Six Things you coulda-shoulda-woulda Know About Me

"Tagged" by both the lovely Ali and Katie in their open invitation to participate in this get-to-know-you survey. And writing material is always welcome here, sometimes office life isn't as action packed and exciting as it would seem. I know, I know. Crazy right? It happens.
And I'm sure people are sick of hearing about food (I'm not even great enough to be a recipe blogger or connoisseur of gourmet foods, I'm just a fried food advocate), or how sluggishly our house adventure is going so maybe this'll provide a needed change of pace!

1) Is this how you imagined your life would be?

"BWAHAHA!! oops...was that out loud?" --Hammy the Squirrel

That part was expected. I'm just as crazy as I woulda thought. Maybe a tad bit more. My life has never followed the pretty little map I have in my mind and I am just fine with that. I've said it a lot lately, "I'm allergic to choices." I'm glad there's somebody I can trust to get me where I'm supposed to be and put me in the situations I need and where I'm needed. I had lots of ideas for my career, school, family, home, and hobbies but I'm happy where I am and there's still plenty of time left.
It may not be what I imagined, but it's exactly what I needed.

2) If money were no question I would buy...

Money. Investing because I married a smarty pants who pays attention to those kindsa things so now I do too. Every once in awhile.
But hey, it doesn't say pick only one thing to buy sooo, lesse here...

  • a pet moose, an otter, and a whole forest with a river and a lake for my pets to live in because animal cruelty is wrong, yo. 
  • I'd pay for the best professional tuning for my instruments because they're basically people to me. Need my babies healthy.
  • We'd go on a trip spanning the entirety of summer in europe touring all the oldest castles, canyons, mountains, caves, and cliffs. Ireland, Switzerland, English countryside, Austria, and Downton Abbey being among the top choices. And I fully expect the Dowager Countess Violet to receive us for afternoon tea that we will politely decline and just ask for lemon water (I learn all my etiquette and fancy living from Disney/Disneyesque movies. Thanks a million Anastasia, homegurl.)
  • Speaking of instruments; cello, french horn, steel drums, acoustic guitar, drum kit, timpanis, bell organ....

  • ADOPT ALL OF THE GOGGIES. Remember, I have a whole forest/river/lake combo. It'll be the coolest doggie care center in the world. Cats are welcome, too. But they will all be spayed and neutered, respectively.
  • Because I can hire my own vet.
  • Screw that, veterinary schooling BAM. Ftw. 
  • My librarian dream? Totally happening. Except now it's gonna be a miniature sized Beast's castle post-magical-disco-rain-curse-breaking and it'll be overlooking the lake. So that's cool.
I guess that's it for now. I'm feeling kinda bad and selfish now, that's a lot of stuff I want that money would apparently get me...

I am ashamed.

3) What's your drink of choice when out with the girlfriends?

I told you, lemon water! Pinky up. Just kidding I hate lemon. Dr. Pepper, two shots vanilla, one shot cherry. None of that diet business, gimme the hard stuff. Calories or chemicals? I'll take the energy I can attempt to burn off. Or choose not to burn off. Whichever.

4) What do you love about yourself?

Well, it's definitely not my selfish, narcissistic, entitled heart (see #2). I love that thinking of what I love about myself makes me uncomfortable. Who wants to be that person?

5) Name one good deed you did that went unseen. 

Um, I untangled a blind person's guide dog's leash once. They didn't see that. ba-dum-psh!

I should just try to not ever make jokes.

6) What hobbies do you have that you don't mention on your blog?

Well, uh, I've basically already covered all the biggies at one point or another...eating and/or cooking-mostly-baking, music, doodling, animal-interactioning (it's a thing), sewing/crafting, thrifting, reading, camping.
So sleeping? I guess?

Yaaaaay, so that's 6 things about me you may or may not have known depending on how closely you follow this blog or know me in real life.

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