Sunday, August 28, 2011

Social Abhorrence

SO! In other news, other than my life-shattering realization that I'm not done figuring out who I am....(darn it).
I just read an essay that was re-posted onto a blog that was linked to facebook by a friend. One of those posts I would normally just kinda skim over and not really see. But I saw it, this time.

I'm sorry about the language, but the point is extremely important.
There are women out there, perfectly beautiful and inspiring and intelligent women who happen to just have a higher percentage of fat on their bodies than others. They are no different from anyone else, they're just "fat". They weigh more. They step on a scale and they simply weigh more.
And what kind of message are they receiving?
"You should consider yourself LUCKY that some man finds a hideous troll like yourself rape-able."
That's not paraphrasing people. That's a quote. From a comment on a blog. A real life situation of a woman being raped and nearly killed, telling her story and receiving that in return.
I am honestly mortified at the level of worm our society has stooped to. How did it come to this? How are there so many movements for equality and fairness and yet "fat" women are being subjected to this complete, blatant abuse!?
Oh, it makes me livid!!
I'd practically go lesbian and love them myself if I thought it would make a difference.
Boo and a freaking half.

I should be making my lunch right now. But I don't know what I want to eat....sigh.

OH! The day has arrived! :D
Remember my whole scrambled-eggs fiasco? No? K, memory helper here...
Anyway, I successfully fried an edible plate of scrambled eggs this morning! I cannot tell you what a pick-me-up that was. Which sounds super silly, "Scrambled eggs made me want to cry in happiness..." just sounds pathetic and dumb.
Which it probably is.
But to me, in this state I've found myself, that is something Hope can do; she can cook. eggs.
I think I may end up writing down a checklist of admirable qualities I'm finding that I do truly possess as an individual. Let it be written that cooking eggs be the first of those qualities to come forth. Woot :)

I've run out of time.

That's my say of it, anyway.

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