Tuesday, August 9, 2011


Oohhh, mama.
Yeah, never doin' that one again....I was totally right when I said it would be terribly idiotic going back through that last post there. In retrospect, I hardly remember typing that.
But hey. I was 'drunk' ;)

Now I have [most of] my IQ back so I'm...completely blank. It's like unless I'm mentally incapacitated I have nothing, of any interest whatsoever, floating around in this cranium of mine. How silly is that?
My room's definitely starting to look like I'm actually leaving or something.
For one thing; I actually made my bed. Like, for realz. With sheets and everything. I'm that person that kinda just spreads out a comfy, cushy quilt on top of the mattress and sleeps with a little baby blanket on top of it all. Never really been 'pro-sheets'. If that's a thing. I wouldn't know. Cuz I'm not.
But now there's sheets. And they're striped. Light blue, light purple, light green and this random really light teeny blue strip right before the same colors but more vibrant. Very easter-y. I'm glad my mom's all super-mom about me leaving and just randomly went out and bought me a new bed set thingmajigger.
It's a sham, though.
Says so right on the packaging! 1 bedskirt, 1 comforter, flat/fitted sheet, 1 pillow case and a sham! So I dunno what's gonna happen when I finally open it. Some sort of leprechaun cheat must pop out and sham away mattress.
Unbelievable how blatant people are these days. Outright announcing it's a sham. Tsk tsk.
I would include a picture but my camera pulled another one of his perfect, timely stunts where he disappears just before I plan on taking him on some big expedition. Stupid.

Moving on.
...to what, dear self?
Erm...I dunno, we could talk about boyfriend.
Sure. The same-old, same-old story about how he's so cute, and he's so special and we're so in love and life is fantastic and rainbows, bubbles and butterflies and...
Okay! I get it! Sheesh, you're all mushy, too. Don't push that all on me.
Well perhaps think of the poor reader and give them a break this time.
Fine, but at least give me an idea of something to ramble about....
...[thinking] [metaphorical metaphorical beard stroking]...penguins.
Penguins?! What?? I don't even...go away. You're no help.
Whatever. You'll wish I was here later.

Sometimes, the voice in my head is a snobby british person. Other times it's exactly how I hear myself sound. Then in random moments it's a voice that doesn't even have a sound. Just a flow of words on a projector.
...story of my life, btw. A voice with no sound. bahaha.
So! Penguins! Unfortunately, my mind isn't very original and it suggested penguins because that's the song that was playing. Which is not a step-up from talking about boyfriend because, well. Oh, just listen to it ~

Cute, no? Yes. But 'cute' is taboo for this post.
(Except for that one blurb! I promise! pinky swear, I just had to sort of legitimize my talking to myself moment so I have some shadow of sanity left...)
Did it work?
Don't answer that.

Just got so bored with my own post, I left it. For 10 minutes.
But! I did just get infinitely more excited for this internship. Ready for this folks? I just about woke up the neighborhood with how excited I was....AM.

Two words; Disney. Choir.
If they're lying to me, this is a sad day indeed. If I can go work in disneyland AND get my fix of choral activites while I'm there this is the best setup of my stinking LIFE!!
...so far.
Holy moly. Holy MOLY. And I leave in 6 days. S-I-X. That's a three letter word, people.
Speaking of which. I should do a bit more on my room before I hit the [sheeted] sack.

Love y'all :) you guys are great, whomever you may be.
Cherish your life. It'll be better, I promise <3

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