Sunday, August 7, 2011

'Drunk' Blogging

Tere comes a poitn in everyone's life where they become so terribly tired but so terrible y awake that sleep is NTO an option as well as behavioral standarsds suddenly plummet and even if you have nver had a sip of alcohol, you could very well be passed off as the town drunk trying to drown themselves.
I realize that must not make any logial sense whatsoever.
I also made a pact with myself to not use the backspace bar this entire blgo post. it's actually kind of idicc...blah. Difficult.
There's drunk dialing. And drunk tank. and i've read a few blog posts by people who were actually drunk. Like, breathalizer drunk.
I'm just intoxicated with sleep depravation and malnutrtition. SO I figirued I'd blog.

My mom is often awe-struck by how fast i type. Coming from a woman who types with a maximum of three fingers at a time and maybe 5 letters a minute, it's not much of a credential compliment BUT i do type decently fast. Sometimes it's more fun to just type and not care what i'm saying but listen to the clicking ofthe keys.
Other times its really obnoxious.
Just depends.
She says it's because i play piano. Which it very well may be. Finger dexterity seems to be a crucial part of mastering the large instrument.
Ever notice how most instruments use basically all of thseir surface area efficiently but a piano is ridicuolously large, bulky and awkward for how elemental it is? Elementary i think is the word i wanted.
Maybe noet.
The sad part aobut his is, it's not even midnight. just one of thsoe times.
People should never, and i mean never put those price stickers on a leather bound book. What the epic fail?! c'mon, srsly guys. those stickers are like the cockroach of ltierature.
They never. let. go.
Some drooling troll monkey slapped two on the back of boyfriends birthday present, that black hitchhikers book. i would totally link it to the post for you but judging by my spelling/typing and train of thought and state of mind i just might end up ttransling...translating all of this to atlantian by accident and melt my computer into a globby mess of wires and plastic.
Then you'd have to find milo and kidagashmabga to get thme to uehlp (help) understand what 's going on even though you maaaay need their help anyway.
Good luck with that one. Last i heard atlantis is still lost.
Pretty sure i'm halfway to finding it right now.

No. I odn't do drugs. and yes, i solemnly swear (I'm up to no good? yes, obvsly) that i'm not drunk. I've actually otten asked that before. I ahd an asthma attacky thingmajigger, was losing consciousness and bf went to enslit (enlist) brother to help take me home and dad was like
omg o.O is she drunk??

I'm like
No! x[ just dying. thx for asking.

it was embarasing (+r +s). At least i recognize my mistakes when i see them. i'm just not backspacing so welcome to insanity. There are no cookies, except for the computer kind. I don't know what they actually are i only know sometimes the computer brain-farts and it says something about enabling cookies and i giggle.
That's all.

in twen (10) minutes it'll be 8 days to the day i leave. Countdwons are always difficult. Do you count the day you're cucrerently living in and do you count the day you're counting up to? Most of the itme i just omit the day im' living in. it's gona be over soon, it dpn't matter. But...
:....i mean
"* OMG
"8 days till I leave" so does that mean on the day 1 that's the day BEFORE i leave or the day i'm getting in the car with half my room in boxes and my entire life packed up/hidden away?
I don't know and i'm scared someone will bbe angry with me for not getting it right.
Don't be offended! i'm jst stoopid...
i'm going cross-eyed now. i should turn off the lights and lay down.

I promsie to update as soon as my mental capacity has recharged so this isn't the last thing i leave you iwith. cuz i realize it's going to be SUPER idiotic once i have my brain back. and my IQ. i would be embarrased already but that feature is currently out orf order.

good night. y'all.

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