Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Call Me Mrs. Disney

Toldja it was coming soon :)

Firstly; OH MAMA, I am beat! Best night of sleep of my life, here I come. And it's only 8:30. Which is okay, because I'll take forever to post and then I hafta get past sleeping around people (whom I don't know and thus they don't know me and THUSLY I'm scared to fall asleep and do something's inevitable), not to mention I'm supposed to look nice for my ID photo by 9 am...HAH! They realize they're saying this to a bunch of college kids, correct? Yes? Okay, whatever. It's your baby.
I haven't even set foot in the actual park yet and disney quotes/movie scenes are flipping through my mind like japanese acrobats.
(there I go again. Probably inaccurate, totally-unqualified-to-make analogies)
These have been two very long days. I feel like the drive up here was a week ago. It was yesterday. Not even 48 hours ago. More like...gosh, 37? Something, I dunno.
Oh. So. My car, Morgan. She's a beautiful blue Nissan Rogue ('08) and I love her to death. Done a world of good for me.
Apparently, packing her to the gills and attempting 75 mph on the boiling hot freeway of Arizona August is just NOT her cup of tea.
She was like, "OH. That's how you wanna go? Fine. NO AC FOR YOU!"
And she meant business.
My mom slowed to about 50 after we had stopped and put some water in the, um...radiator bottle thing (woot being car-stoopid). Even then, if the road was on a slight, the slightest incline the air would pop off. Which, you'd think going out to the coast would mean lots of downhill but honestly, the AC was off for at least half of the entire trip.
Again. American. Someone find me the neon sign, I need it right above my head.
But we got here and it was fine. We stayed in the Residence Inn that is seriously, backyard disney. I basically watched the nighttime fireworks (cuz there are daytime fireworks, Hope??) from my room. I wanted to blog but, uhparrently, no wi-fi for Marriot guests o.O
I am such a fan of California cloudy mornings. I'm not a "gray depresses me" person. I'm a "GRAY IS THE BEST COLOR OF MY LIFE!" person, with heel clicks and happy dances to boot. We'll see how I feel by the end of the year. Maybe it'll change (maaaaybe not).
Check-in was a lot easier and much less stressful than I had anticipated. I even got in early. Like, waay early. I was scheduled for 10 and got in line at, oh, about 8:45. No big deal. Literally, they were like, "Yes! Of course, that's totally fine!"
I think it's required to talk in exclamation points if you work for Mickey Mouse. I dunno, some sort of universal rule.
Insurance went fine, employment eligibility went fine, banking went fine. God blessed me with a smooth entry to my internship :)
And an LDS girl right next door so I'll have a church buddy right there :) God bless...Him. God. I guess I'm just supposed to be grateful.
Now, I love you people, but remember me mentioning the 'tired' part? Yes, well, um please love me back and don't be upset that I'm not gonna spend the time or energy to figure out which pictures I wanna put in here. Just go click on my facebook badge. They're ALL there.

All in all, this is looking to be the most wonderful decision I've ever managed to make and pull off and hopefully I can wrangle a success outta this endeavor.
That would be stupendous.
But I really miss some special people :) You know who you are (I actually do hate it when other people say that. "You know who you are"--really? What if I don't? Am I supposed to know? Maybe I'm just dumb....and then it's like that open door that leads me to fake myself out into thinking someone else cares about me a whole lot more than I do...)
But srsly. Miss you :) <3

I'll have better stories later. Once I actually start doing something x]

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