Wednesday, August 10, 2011

In the Kitchen

Blogging in the kitchen :) This is gonna end up like those sex-fantasies, imagining the strangest place you could "get it on" with a significant other (or not-so-significant, I'm no judge) except it's blogging.
A lot less intimate.
For some. Like me, for instance. Whatever! I don't know what I'm saying anymore.

Today, I got SO restless. So I wanted to eat something. But our microwave broke and is now missing so there's this big vacant hole in our kitchen cupboard-ry. So there was no way to heat up any of the leftovers without being some sort of kitchen-wizard and use smarts and whip up a genius plan for using the oven to reheat the chicken strips and tortillas and have a super-yummy wrap like I wanted.
So I didn't eat.
I'm such an American.

Except not. This is a marvelous country and I'm so blessed to be born here and live here where I have so many rights and freedoms...
that are constantly being taken advantage of by stupid people who don't have any sense of integrity. I'm not ashamed of the country and the original values that were dreamt up by our founding fathers.
I'm ashamed of the people who choose to deface everything right about America by being complete and utter idiots.
I'm no politician, nor do I debate (...ever) so done talking about that.

NOW, I'm making mac'n'cheese with hotdogs.
(American? What? nooooo)
I don't think I did it right though. I probably put the hotdogs in too late so now they're not going to boil for long enough and my noodles are gonna be a mushy pile of yuck.

--Just kidding. Spooned it out and it tastes pretty darn gooooood. I'm the master of completely screwing up a simple recipe (I mean, c'mon. Mac'n'cheese??) but turning out with a perfectly edible plate of deliciousness :)

Believe it or not, I actually come on here with a point.
I'm a musician. Music is THE essence of my life. Honestly, it's what keeps me legitimately sane. I know I'm weird and have moments where others in the vicinity really wonder and doubt in my sanity. But I'm not men-in-white-coats, lock-her-up crazy. Just...odd.
Anyway. I've played piano for more than half my life. 13 years this fall and I'll be 21 in december. Piano is my baby. My heart and my soul. I'm a music major but I chose Harp as my main instrument because I didn't want piano ruined for me.
Piano is what I do for me. A gift to myself, if you will. Selfish? Yes, but I need it.
But, in all my years of piano-ing, I've never really gotten into Chopin. It's a love-hate relationship. His music is absolutely beautiful and inspiring, but the thing is I just simply can't sight-read it. And that's what I do. I sight-read. So I don't play Chopin. Cuz I'm lazy.
So today I sat myself down and made a deal with myself. I was gonna get over this stupid Chopin and I was gonna learn myself a song!
So I flipped open to Nocturne in D-flat Major (Op. 27 No. 2) went pretty well, all things considered (woot cadenza's that are 5 octaves away from your left hand xP). But once I finished I wanted to hear how it was supposed to sound, so I brought the laptop downstairs to youtube it and watch the music at the piano....

I about cried. Because it's gorgeous and basically I feel like there's no hope for me to ever get it that smooth and effortless. Plus I don't have the jellyfish arms. I can't do that almost interpretive dancing from the bench thing pianists seem to love. When I try, I end up hitting my forehead on the fall (the part that covers the keys when you're done playing). I guess it's something you can't try and do, ya just feel it. But I don't...feel it that way.
In any case, it was very demotivational. Firstly, I'm terr-i-ble at memorizing. It just doesn't happen for me. Secondly, my muscle memory is slightly on the poor side so it's not like I can run those cadenzas over and over and they'll suddenly stick and flow right out like a beautiful melodic river of love. and Thirdly?
I'm lazy, remember?
Boo to that, too.
Mostly, I'm sad at myself for not resolving to do this earlier before I'm about to stinking leave and not have easy access to a 9-foot grand piano till next stinking year!

So! Moral of the story is; don't wait. Work on your dream now. It's scary and you feel like you might fail, but it's like everyone always says.
You'll never know unless you try. The best way to get anything done is to start now. I know it's easy to say, "I'll start next week" cuz then it'll be convenient. But how much easier will it be to do that thing next week if you've been doing it since today?
I know.
I'm a genius.
I'mma go eat my mac'n'cheese now cuz it's getting cold and it's hard to type with a fork in your mouth, piercing the roof of your mouth.
Go play the piano!! Do it!


  1. so, i've done pinterest for 2 months (seen way too many thinspiration pins), read pleanty of "be healthy today" articles, cried over my weight for days on end, and finally my best friend posts about mac'n'cheese and pianos and jellyfish arms and i'm finally determined to resolve this issue with myself. i love you. and thank you.