Monday, August 29, 2011

Creepers Galore

First of all, you smell worse than me and I been stuffed away, down deep in the giant stinky belly of the happiest place on earth. When they say 'happy' they ain't referring to the kitchen, lemme tell ya. You, sir, smell quite like a dead cat that tromped through pickles and a pool of sweat before rotting for a while.
Secondly, you are guaranteed at least ten years older than me.
Thirdly, there is obviously something not all there in your brain which is how we got in this conversation in the first place....
And fourth? We're at a bus stop. The bus stop.

And so, due to all of the above-- NO you can't have my number. No matter how many times you ask, sorry.

True story. Got to the bus this evening, around 2330 (aka 11:30) to find out the very next bus comes at 0012 (aka 12:12). Oh goody. Well, let's just sit on down and talk to these other college program kids who are just as tired and grumpy....
Oh, this poor guy. Stuck in a wheelchair and lookin' so dirty...sad...oh, wait....he's coming over....don't make eye contact! Don't do it!
guuh. You did.
heeeere we go
I would in fact talk to him again, if the situation were to reciprocate itself. The guy obviously doesn't get a lot of people who are willing to talk to him. I'm sure he gets lonely and it's not like he was begging for money or anything. Just wheelin' around, mumbling to himself and occasionally saying 'hi'. So I figured I'd give him a smile and some small-talk....

Me: Hey!
Dude: You from Disneyland?
[Note-- due to what I'm guessing is a past head injury, hinted by the helmet covering his head, his speech is kinda slurred and I was never really sure what he was saying...]
Me: Uh, Disney...? Yeah, I work there....
Dude: Oh...[blabbers on asking about where I am in the park, whose dishes I wash and if I know his cousin Bob]
Dude: Are you married?
Me: [laughs] No, no I'm not...
Dude: You have boyfriend?
Me: Yes...(thank my freaking lucky stars, YES!)
Dude: That's sad.
Me: Sad? Why?
[unintelligible muttering]
Dude: Can I have your phone? talk sometimes?
Me: Um, I'm sorry?
[I was honestly too shocked to answer correctly]
Dude: Can I call you every once in awhile? To talk? I don't talk to females very often....
[maybe we should broaden that to "humans"]
Me: uhh, no. I'm sorry, no I can't do that....
[I will not lie to you, my first urge was to say yes. The poor guy!]
Dude: Why not??
(/sigh, why do I get myself in these situations....)
Me: Well, because...because I don't know you!
Dude:....we can't get to know each other on the phone? In a couple weeks?

He did not stop. One CP girl actually got up and left because she was so uncomfortable. Um, excuse me?? You're uncomfortable? He hasn't even glanced at you! He's all but sat in my lap at this point! And there's still 15 minutes till the bus is supposed to show up.

Boooo and a half.
He eventually got the point and kinda drifted away back behind the bench and carried on a very active conversation with his right hand.
The bus came and I am now blogging to you so life is good :)
It could've been worse.

I mean it. The other girls who actually stayed with me at the bus stop told me about a girl they heard about, who rode the bus home around 1 am by herself and when she got off a man followed her out as well.
Hey, people live around here, no big deal.
But he followed her...and followed her. There comes a point when there ain't no way the creeper is just walkin' that way for their health.
She started runnin'.
He kept following.
She ended up basically closing the building doors in his face because he was that hardcore stalker.
I would be sobbing, not even gunna lie to you. I would cry.

I'm so glad for 911 and boyfriend on speed-dial. And for prayers. Those are very nice for feeling better.

The Hunt for Hope is going well, btw :) update on that later. For now, sleep sounds like a good idea....yeah. Sounds good.


  1. bahaha they should make a tv show based on your life.

    I'd watch it. xP

  2. Seriously there are some weird people at Bus stops if you will recall my 3 experiences... ugh shudder
    and how terrifying is it that that girl was followed!