Thursday, August 25, 2011

Big Brother Has EARS

I've never really paid much attention to that saying, "Big Brother is watching". It's never meant anything to me.
But now? Big Brother is Mickey Mouse and somehow that seems worse than the government OR God.
Let me clarify; God loves me and I can work for his forgiveness. Mickey Mouse doesn't know me from a penny on the ground so if I screw this up, IT'S THE END.
So, not saying Mickey is more powerful than God, the situation is just a bit harsher. Of course, I'm not going to literally go to outer darkness if I get fired from Disneyland BUT speaking in the relativity of the sort of actions I myself am capable of....well, you get what I'm saying. And if you don't I have no other way to say this without making it sound even more terrible and blasphemous and sacrilegious. So I'm done with that.
I just realized last night as I was furiously scrubbing the gunk off of every piece of metal that ended up in my hands that I really don't want to get fired. But there's also a lot of complicated procedures and specific things that I'm supposed to remember and do down there in the kitchen. So naturally I'm worried about doing something wrong, or not well enough, or especially notfast enough. That worries me a lot.
I just don't want "Mickey Mouse", aka the company that embodies that character, to be disappointed in me. I wanna fill out these 5 or so months to the best of my abilities and leave having shown that I can be a kitchen.
Being the bottom of the barrel is totally not glamorous.

But the perks sure are!! :D

I get excited and my face does things. Ugly things.

That right there is my first ever completely FREE ticket into Disneyland. That's worth $'s ok, you can be jealous.

Ok, seriously right now. Am I the only one that finds this disturbing and suggestive? Or is my mind just way too in the gutter and dirty......

I'm slowly beginning to suspect that Moose are my favorite animals along with otters.....

Small World ride. Never again.

A) if I were beautiful and B) if I were skinny and C) if I were graceful...and confident....(and black, I guess) that would be me x]

I love Disneyland. I practically cried during orientation and they showed us presentations with video speeches given by Walt himself talking about his beloved creation and I was filled with such pride to be part of this.
The dishes on which you eat your food are clean because of ME! I am important!

I have to keep telling myself that to feel better about kitchen duty. Sigh.

Bones is tonight??! I just saw that on the tv that is constantly on in our apartment o.O NO one is here but me and the tv is on. If I knew how to turn it off I would.
But bones is starting again?!? HUZZAH!! :D I've missed it. Oh hulu the love of my life, we shall have good times together again.

Anyway, Farmers Market time for me! Toodle-pip and cheerio!

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