Saturday, June 11, 2011

AYO. Baby Lego's

They are complicated.

The pressure of making scrambled eggs is like deactivating a nuclear bomb under a time limit (I seem to be very good at coming up with simile's that I'm totally unqualified to make). I don't actually know how to deactivate a bomb or what goes into the process of deactivating a bomb. But that's what I feel like when I pour that slimy egg puddle onto the sizzling pan. I stress out.
"They're just eggs!"
Yeah! But someone's gonna eat those eggs! And if they taste terrible it's my fault. And I'm a pathological people pleaser.
So when that does happen it kind of scars me and permanently puts the situation in the "Don't ever try again box".
Boxes vs. Wires? Go here. I'm pretty sure I was born with a boy-brain. Just sayin'.
Anyway. I made eggs once. Scrap that. I tried to make eggs once. 'Once' being the first time I've ever tried. Boyfriend had been trying to get me to do it for weeks, because I was too scared to try. That day, the day I did try, had been terrible. I was honry, I was frustrated, I was tired and I was in no mood to be messed with. So I tried to make eggs.
I failed.
I made breakfast sponge burritos.
I'm pretty sure they made boyfriend sick later, but he was more than supportive about it. In fact, he made me do them again (like, a month later). Luckily I was in a better mood but I still refused to spice them myself. He had to do that part.
We all need people like that. The ones who force us to do what we convince ourselves we're unable to achieve. Someone to throw our stubborn little pessimistic butts back up on that dumb horse and try again. I know eventually I'll be the master at cooking scrambled eggs and he (or whoever 'he' ends up being) is gonna get sick of them and finally command me to stop making such mouth-watering, fabulous scrambled eggs. But it'll be because of him.
I like to think I'm a strong person. At times I am, I can be very strong. Ironically, it's the little things that slip under the radar that need that other push, the outside force to make it happen. I haven't really known that till now. All the small things about myself I thought I had under control were really just floating along in mediocre average mode. I'm nowhere near the marvelous human being I could be but he's helping me get there.
With scrambled eggs.
It's the little things.
Be grateful for the little things. Try to be grateful. Remind yourself to be grateful. Don't throw yourself into thanking God for every little moment, in the moment. There's a whole lot of truth to baby steps. We're not built for leaps and bounds. If you can, I'll betcha there's also a whole lot of mess along the way. Life's one big mess anyway, why not take a moment and do your best? Don't settle. Be your best. Your best, not the best.
That's what I have to say about it, anyway.
Eggs suck.
There's a pun in there somewhere.

34 days till HP:DH part 2. We so exciiited, we so exciiited!! :D <3

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