Thursday, October 13, 2011

Bottom of the Thought Barrel

Holy moly I just seriously screwed up my blog...
I don't even know what happened. Went to dashboard and found this nifty little pop-up;
"Here! Try this new awesome thing! It's new, and awesome!"

So I did.
And now my blogface is all boring and bleeeeeh and lost all the changes I'd worked really hard to get right for all these months and turns out with this new dumb template you can't really personalize a whole lot of it.
What the stupid??!? In any case, I'm a tad bit upset. But I'll figure it out later and probably maybe even like it more. Who knows.
Just cuz Steve Jobs DIED doesn't mean we gotta keep everything super new all the time. Change everything! It must all be awesome because that's Steve's dream!
Too soon? Eh.

I got ready for work an hour too early. I thought I was gonna be heading to the bus stop at 2 because that's what my brain came up with but turns out it's really only 3 that I gotta be there.
So now I can blog! Happy day.
There have indeed, been moments recently where I've thought to myself, "Oh! I must blog about this later!" but then I get home and all I wanna do is NOT think about how my day went. So I don't blog.
Like the time I was finally up bussing in the park for my first real legit time! Yay! Wootsauce! Except for it means I'm super nervous cuz now I don't have a trainer to be like, "NO stupid, do it like THIS," and teach me. So what happens? It rains.
Not cute little arizona rain where the clouds are all, "Oh whoo-hoooo! Rain rain rain, here! Have some water!" for like, ten minutes. It was steady, wet, cold rain all freaking day. Don't get me wrong, I absolutely loved it. It just made doing my job a little difficult. Considering I work in French Market, where we don't have covered seating. Well, it's technically 'covered' but only by long draping pieces of fabric that soak up the water and create little mini waterfalls all throughout the dining area. And especially where we bussers stand to put away all the junk we pick up from the tables. Wiping off plates and roof-water dripping into my shirt? Lovely.
I did in fact get sick from that ordeal. Due to the fact that personal jackets are not 'Disney Look' and you need to check those out from costuming if ya need one and also the fact that I did not know this, I spent the day looking like a drowned rat in a frilly yet saggy, drenched blouse made from Grandma's couch. But I persevered! My coworkers kept calling me a 'trooper'....which might have been a compliment if it wasn't because of their silly lazy wimpiness that kept them hiding under the roof overhang and talking to each other the entire time that allowed me to even be the trooper because I was picking up all the slack.
Good thing it was raining or I'd have been in a foul mood for sure.
Wait, what?
Exactly. Super conundrum, ftw.

Or the time I witnessed two little girls and their Grandpa get up and start dancing to our live band, "Royal Street Bachelors" and just about wanted to cry from happiness.
Or spending the last 15 minutes of my shift sitting on the Dream Suite private entrance steps talking to 5 year old Joel to keep him in one place as we tried to locate his parents. He loves Space Mountain and playing with the Dinosaur bones at preschool and broke his arm playing on the monkey bars. Oh, and he's from arizona! Small world ;) Rest assured y'all...we found mommy and daddy. I don't think Joel even understood that he was lost. Or if he did, just didn't care all that much. He just kept asking about all the scaffolding and why it was there.
"Why is that construction?" sure you're 5? I'm pretty positive I was nowhere near knowing the word 'construction' at age 5...
"Are they fixing it cuz it's broken? Are the pirates broken?"
He kind of made my day.

Or discovering that 'complaint humor' (aka jokingly making a complaint to break the ice with a guest) is completely and utterly lost on a youth motivational speaker. Oh, what luck have I.
"I'm an adolescent motivational speaker counselor person and I get kids complaining all the time and I just tell them, blah blah blah..." Dude. I was just making a joke. Calm down. I don't think I'm entitled to anything and I'm working for my life. Thank you and have a nice day.

Or the ride on the bus to work that trumped all the awkward uncomfortableness as experienced yet. I usually like to sit in the front of the bus just cuz the seats are right there and it's easy to get off from there. But it was fairly full a couple days ago, except for an empty seat next to a decent looking black man. But I didn't want to squeeze in there with my backpack and everything so I headed for nearer the middle, even as said black man goes, "Here, have a seat young lady..."
I put up my hand and said, "I'm fine. Thanks," and sat halfway back the bus. Didn't think anything of it.
Until a couple stops later when he followed me back and sat directly across the aisle, facing me (since those seats are up against the wall) and smiles at me.
Him: "How are you today, sister?"
Me: Oh, I'm doing pretty good...
Him: Has God blessed you, today?
Me: I'm alive aren't I? Yes he, how bout you?
(I mean honestly, how do you reply to that?)
Him: Oh, he has blessed me greatly.

And then spouts off into this long tirade about God and Jesus and Job.
Him: Are you Christian?
Me (hardly paying attention, caught off guard by question directed at me): Uh..yeah...
Him: Are you ashamed of being Christian?
Me: No, sir.
Except I already know and feel that my expression hardened at being asked that because it feels so rude. Don't sit there and judge me because I'm uncomfortable talking to you about my beliefs and myself in general. I don't know you. And you're creepy.
He asked my name. When I told him 'Hope' he kind of raised his eyebrows and goes,
"Oh, so is it you we're supposed to hope in, and not Jesus?" In the most accusatory manner I've ever heard! It's my name. Forgive me Father, for I have sinned. I mean, what??!
At this point, people sitting around us are casting their eyes to the side, glancing at him and me and only raising the uncomfortable because no one will say anything. Someone please, help me!

Him: Now you, as a woman, I know. I know it's distracting to look around and see all of us lovely, gorgeous, handsome men around...I know you just wanna jump over here on top of me right now, because I'm so sexy but you gotta control yourself. Keep Jesus in your countenance.
Unfortunately, I'm not kidding. That came out of his mouth.
He went into talking about the "urges" and "passions" that we as humans are given. That it's our bodies, and man and woman alike are given the "same feelings". Through the entire thing it was obvious that he was subliminally referring to himself and me when saying "man and woman". The awkward sidelong stares increased and I even started trying to make eye contact.
But people are dumb.
Thankfully, my ride to work is barely 10 minutes at most and that cut our conversation, or rather lecture, a tad short. Weirdest flirtation of my life? Quite possibly, yes.

Not to mention the socially awkward elevator kid. Laughed in my head because we got off the bus at the same time and he took off, goin' like he was trying to fast walk away from a serial killer. Caught up with him at a crosswalk. He took off again. Caught up again at the elevator in our building.
Next morning, got on the bus talking to some kid. Turns out it was him and I didn't remember but he remembered me from the elevator. Oops. Asked my name, the quintessential awkward--
"How old are you, if you don't mind me asking?"
Why does that matter?

Funny how being engaged completely nullifies awkward flirting. I just don't care. Go ahead and flirt. I don't feel obligated to try and protect their feelings anymore. Because I'm spoken for and that obliterates their chances. Not my fault they're seriously oblivious.
In other news; highly recommended!

  • Hunger Games (yes. It's now my turn to rave about the books)
  • Castle (Nathan Fillion and....well, honestly. What more do I have to say? Nathan Fillion)
I just started both of these incredibly awesome things and just want to spread them a little more. Go find happiness. It's out there :)

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