Tuesday, October 4, 2011

More Dreams...

I should take naps more often. Really. Cuz then I'll actually have a story for you guys other than, "Disneyland, wootsauce" or "WORLD OF COLOOOOOR" or "Hey guess what, rings and love and such". Like now. So I'll just hop right into it.

I took a nap today. Went to class 8:30-11:30, had "brunch" with some almost friend-peeps and then came home and sacked out. It felt really nice.
But here's the thing; when I sleep, I dream. And dreams are weird. Because once I go subconscious and there's nothing holding my brain back it can just leak strangeness at it's own leisure. And so that would be how I dreamt about working at Jurassic Park instead of Disneyland.
Firstly; way to go brain. You just one-upped my seemingly top-of-the-line entertainment job.
Disney is the coolest place to work for EVAR!
Just kidding. I stand corrected.
Pretty much the only thing I remember is after having clocked in I walked through that massive pterodactyl cage thing to get to my 'location' and happened to pass by the velociraptor fighting cage attraction.
(Kay, you kidding me computer? 'velociraptor' is definitely a word. Stop underlining it in red. Way to fail and ensure my speedy death by said ferocious cretacious creature)
At the time, one of the velociraptor's had stuck it's head and long neck through the apparently poorly thought out fence and was screaming in the faces of the crowd standing around; particularly a very frightened child. I whipped out my phone and took a picture to send to one of my friends. For good measure, the velociraptor then looked over in my direction and I got another picture of it staring straight into the camera...or my soul. Either or, I'm not sure which.
Then it kinda morphed into a giant falcon and the animals were still fighting and it was still such a win I had to wake up before I slipped into a win-coma.
There was that awkward half-reality moment where I was conscious but still totally convinced I had that picture on my phone and was fishing for it in my pile of stuff up on my bunk so I could send out the darn picture but then I realized my mistake and literally felt my happiness level plummet.
aka the feeling of disappointment.
So I was sad.
But the dream was totally awesome.
Woot being a crazy head.

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