Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Totes Faves

Anytime. Anywhere....pretty much.

Thunder & Lightening
Rolling clouds


Breath clouds

Disneyland the rain :)

Free hot chocolate
at work

Free hot chocolate with
free loads of 
caramel sauce

Referring to Mark as
"my fiance"
in normal conversation

....and their jitters

My ring

but mostly piano

and other various

Long mermaid hair

Self esteem dresses

preferably mud

Inside jokes
and giggle fits

Speaking of which,
"chonchy chonch"

and kneeling

Learning & Growing


Making plans



Working hard
and sweating


Late night adventures
and fast food
and stars


Julie Andrews had it spot on; "When I'm feeling sad, I simply remember my favorite things and then I don't feel so bad." While yes, it's first grade rhyming, it's just that simple of a fix it doesn't need elaborate fancy words. 
Today has been completely, perfectly, utterly normal but has also left me in this bizarrely fantastic mood. I'm so sunny on the inside it's sickening. Not to worry, folks. It's completely dreary outside so the world balances out my disgusting optimism. Funnily enough, it's the weather that probably spurred this mood of mine. I may just come down with pneumonia but hey, no big deal. 
Except for aforementioned fiance has forbidden that I get any sort of sick so.../shrug. Guess dying isn't an option. 

Wouldn't that be unfortunate o_O To die now
Disclaimer!: Dear Karma, this is a completely hypothetical situation. Just go sit in a corner somewhere and ignore everything I'm about to say.
Suppose I do die in the timeline of "soon", would someone please ensure that my tombstone reads;

That is all.
And maybe the silhouette of a moose head or something. Just a little classy touch.

[knock on wood]
Ok, hypothetical death musing finished.

Anyway. This is what I do when I'm finding myself slumping in a rut. What do y'all do? Think about it and maybe you should probably go out and do some of those things.
Can't think of anything? Try something new :)

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