Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Genius of the Day

'Hocus Pocus' is the best thing Sarah Jessica Parker has done or ever will do. End of story.

Toll House cookies are SO MUCH BETTER after you've left them on the counter for three days.
I kid you not. 

Pasta Alfredo with hotdog is a meal for only the strong-stomached...and starving. 

Only demi-gods can afford to have their wedding reception in the Disneyland Park.
Also? Way to make my life really difficult. Thanks.

Be sure to check the month those block-out dates are listed in. Otherwise, you will has a heart attack, panic attack and sad attack all at once.*
For no reason.

I appreciate the effort, oh dear guest, but PUT THE DISHES DOWN AND GO ON YOUR WAY.
It's my job, let me do it.

Do I need to stab you in the eye with my engagement ring? Stop hugging me like my dog just died and I need to cry on your shoulder for an hour.
Awkward hug is awkward.

Dear City Bus; it's ok. I hate you, too. thlbhpghthphblph :P

*sooo, in my last post I mentioned fiance and best buddies are coming into town this weekend. As a cast member I can bring 3 people into the park with me. So life is good, no?
There are these things called "block-out dates", which are when there's an anticipated heavy flow of guest attendance and they won't allow us to bring people in.
These dates are also completely "subject to change". Up until this week, I been checkin' on 'em almost constantly (cuz I'm paranoid) and today I picked up a cast member reference guide and saw to my utter dread that the dates read "21-23".
I seriously almost cried.
Then later I looked again because I was miserable and the only solution to misery is keep looking at what makes you miserable, correct? 
Oh. Whoops. November 21-23....heh.
False alarm! Whew!

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