Sunday, October 2, 2011

Dear _______,

Dear Hulu,
I am very much disappoint. Bad move. Bad.

</3, Me

Secret of NIMH and The Pebble and the Penguin are no longer available on hulu. Sad Hope is sad.
There is quite a lot of stuff going on in this head o' mine. And not all of it has to do with a 'sparkly' and certain pictures posted all over my social networking profiles. If I could, I'd want to be huddled under a heavy blanket, listening to rain pour down through the open front door in my fiance's front living room and watch a movie. I'd be good with just a movie right now. But hulu's dumb. And I can't go rent a redbox since I am trying to keep the Sabbath as holy as possible while I'm out here. Not to mention I'm not sure I'd wanna deal with renting anything right now, considering one of the things on my brain is coming home with any sort of profit from this adventure. With around $60 to live on each week I'm not gaining much money at all. But welcome to life, right?
And I would really like to take a nap. But it's already 10:20pm and that's either too early or too late for sleeping.
I guess I feel kinda restless. And anxious about the upcoming months and how much I'm not going to enjoy life once october is over. Because then holiday season will really kick in and the kitchen will be mi-ser-a-ble. Woohoooo. It doesn't help that all the people who've been around are saying stuff like,
"Enjoy the down time while you can!"
"Just wait till November..."
"Be ready to hate life."

Way to give me an anxiety attack.
And I just miss people! It really is annoying connecting with the people closest to you through the warm, sticky phone pressed up against your face or the hot, humming laptop burning your thighs and technology just isn't as good as flesh, bones and facial features. In my own opinion, at least. And this is an important stage in my life. I want my people around me. People who can appreciate what this really means to me.  People who know me! I'm just a stranger with a pretty ring on over here. Nobody gets how special it is that there was the whole accidental 'Tangled' theme to the proposal.
It's just annoying.
But then I think about how that day went and it's ok :)

On another note, I forgot how silly us Mormon's are with our super short engagements until I began telling people, "Yeah! I got engaged on friday....the big date? Oh we're thinking March..."
and they're like,
"Whaaa!?? o_O"
I was explaining it to my coworkers on saturday and told them about how we originally were planning on May but were thinking about moving it up to March and one of 'em goes,
"Whoa, that's fast..."
Me: uh, no. That's Mormon.
Him: You guys must be horny...
Me: [gives look] Again, Mormon.

The other guy in the room laughed and remarked, "It makes sense." Well yeah it does. I mean honestly, we were all thinkin' it.
"May?? Really? Ok, sure Mark & Hope, have fun with that....."

Dear Married Couples,
Appreciate your loved ones for me. Because I'm much too far away from mine for my liking and right at this moment it's all I could want to just be living in my own house with my very own hunny and our spunky little puppy. So look at the person you committed your life to, remember your story and your love and smile in that rush of pure joy I know you'll get.
Enjoy it for me, please :)

das all <3


  1. i love this. and you. and my hubby. i'll love him lots and lots just for you... ;) hahahahahaha!!!