Saturday, July 30, 2011

Nom nom Salt

I love it when my iPod just takes off and rocks the shuffle. More than 5 awesome songs in a row? It's a miracle!
Er, I guess I should say 5+ songs that I actually wanna listen to at the moment. Cuz obviously everything on my iPod is fan-freaking-tastic. Ooh! Random tangent (starting off with tangents, well we're a bit confident today....) it's such a good thing boyfriend is a super-techy genius. I have a little bitty 8GB iPod nano from like, '07 (given to me by well, /ahem my ex-ex-boyfriend) (I'm terrible--I know) (it doesn't really help things that I'm typing this entry on the laptop current boyfriend courteously "lent" me for my internship in cali, does it...) [ah! we're at like, 10 awesome songs now. This is too legit for me to handle...]
omg where was I??
Right. iPod.
Boyfriend is a genius and knows how to transfer music from the iPod onto the computer in one massive file load. It may or may not be an immensely simple procedure, but to me it's like magic. The POINT is, I can have all that music on this laptop to take over to Cali but continue buying new stuff and putting it on the iPod, cuz now there will be actual room in my little bitty 8 gig. Wooooh!!
There's 0.31 gigs left. Don't judge me.
Oh. Oh, oh, oh. Before I forget and before I realize it's totally not as important as I believe it is, if you like music at all and are totally sick and tired of 'Amazing Grace' and all it's clones please give it one more last shot and listen to this version. I about crashed my car on the highway when I first heard it.

I feel all fancy. Sitting in our leather recliner, blogging, with the trees blowing dancing shadows across the blinds backlit by the streetlamp. It's like I'm a writer or something.
But I'm just a funky 20 year old with an addiction to thoughts and how they transfer from brain to paper.

Just watched 'Salt' with my family. Woah.
Clarification: woah to the fact that I just watched a movie with my family. That hasn't happened in....well, way too long. I'm like Ryan Reynolds in 'The Proposal' when Gammie fakes dying in the helicopter to get him to "try harder" to be part of the family. I get that same plea probably too many times. Without the dramatic fake dying.
It helps that boyfriend works nights. Go figure.
I'm terrible and going to hell. Acceptance is a beautiful thing.
So Salt!
It's kind of good. I guess.
Nice to have a super-spy-mega-fantastic-awesome WOMAN as the lead in these action flicks. Not so much a fan of Jolie but I'll deal.
The 'twist' was typical. Betrayed right-hand loyal American man turns into evil Russian mutant spy?? WUT? /gasp unheard of!
They did, however do a fairly decent job of stretching out two hours of continuous action/chasing/guns/explosions into an appealing flow and balance of admirable cinematography and soul catching pathos.
Speaking of pathos, cue shooting the cute husband with an adorable accent and infatuation with arachnids. At point blank. Without mercy.
Curse you, raging woman hormones!!
So now I guess Jason Bourne has to watch his back before Salt/Chenkov stabs him in the neck with the vodka bottle they were just drinking from....or steals all his random-shanking-utinsels record out from under him.
I did enjoy it. Decent movie.

And I'm really glad they resolved the puppy issue peacefully and with much happiness. I was very worried.

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