Thursday, July 14, 2011

Engaging Acts of Engagement

First of all.

I am NOT, (hear that people?) N-O-T engaged yet.

The grapevine seems to've become very interested with my life recently. I've had people at work come to tease and poke fun at me because I was "late"....there was that one time waaaay back when but they're not even talking about that. Apparently people are talking about me being a slacker. So, sorry, but no. I've been to-the-minute pristine about punctuality since then. As long as my managers aren't thinking that, I'm good.
But. More on track, I had an old high school friend that I kinda sorta see sometimes come into walmart the other day. I caught him as he was leaving and we got to talking. His eyes flicked between my face and left hand and he got this perplexed look on his face as he said, "A--are you engaged?? Someone had told me you were...?"
I laughed and told him I wasn't yet.
But this person had been almost positive I was.
Not like, "Oh, I hear that Hope girl is getting pretty serious. Maybe there'll be a ring soon."
Like, "Hope's getting married next month cuz she's ENGAGED."
Holy moly, people! Ya let leak a small little hint that there's someone you wanna spend the rest of your life with and suddenly you feel like there's a tabloid somewhere you've never heard of that has your story in it.
I promise. When I get engaged, there will be a FB post about it, relationship status change and a gross amount of pictures.
On a related note, my sister recently got hired for a nanny job in Las Vegas. She left on the 11th and so the saturday before that we went to Applebee's for a celebratory family meal. All 6 of us filed in and scooted into one of those nifty corner booths. I ended up next to my dad on one end of the table. For those who know my dad, they also know this is the most dangerous spot to be in. Know of the "Third Degree"? He's the master of it, in perfectly unformal settings. But he'll also forget everything you say as you say it so next time you're in the same'll go through it all over again. It's great xP
His first question lived up to every awkward expectation I'd had when we walked into the restaurant:
"So do you love this guy?" His tactfully innocent looking eyes boring holes into my soul. It doesn't sound like a conversation starter, it sounds like an accusation.
Translation: "So are you choosing this guy over us your family; me, your father?"
Me: "I-- ahem...yes? Yes, I do." Got over my initial panic at having to talk to my father about loving a boy and wanting to marry said boy and managed to answer sounding mostly positive at the end of the sentence.
Father: "Do you tell him?"
Me: [erm, what diff does it make to you...?] "Yeah. I do."
Father: "Ohhh no..."
Like that made it official that I'd lost it, or something! I laughed at that.
The entire meal consisted of him asking every obtrusive question he could think of and accidentally insulting me countless times with my mom eyeing us suspiciously and jealously across the table. Naturally, the family caught on to the conversation and each put out their bet on when it would happen or how I'd find some "hunky california dude" and leave boyfriend in the dust (which, btw, made me subtly knock on the wood underneath the table).
So um...awkwardness. I has it.

In other super-awesometastic news!!
Except sssshhhhh, this is that secrety-secret stuff I almost talked about last time but now I just have to share it with someone...
I finally found the crux to the entire birthday scheme I've been coming up with for boyfriend for about oh, 2 weeks now. I've been searching and searching and calling and driving and almost crying in frustration because I couldn't find it.

Funny how something so small and simple could be so troublesome and difficult (isn't that how it always is though?).
Story time! :D
So boyfriend and I were at Border's awhile ago. Somewhere to beat the heat and we both likes books. Browsing through the science fiction/fantasy section and pointing out all the series we're gonna make each other read, I found that little beauty whilst he was perusing the Isaac Asimov shelves. I thought it was pretty, I like the gold leafing and stuff so I pick it up and hold it out to him. He looks up and, I must admit, I don't think I've ever seen him so excited about something. Honestly. I had to not laugh in surprise at the coveting gawking that was covering his face.
You know how on Facebook you can put stuff into your info section, like quotes? His is filled with maybe 30 quotes all from Douglas Adams. It's ridiculous.
So it was obvious he wanted this book. I hinted that his birthday was coming up soon so he wouldn't come back and buy it himself.
I came back a few days later and guess what! They have no more and are actually already back ordering 2 copies.
-.- srsly?
So I go to Barnes and Noble another couple days later...they don't even have it in their system. Back to the same Borders, go I! Cuz if they have it they can tell me what sister stores have it with their fancy computer gadget, right?
Cuz guess what, it's not here in the computer anymore, so basically you iz skrewed.
Well boo.
I'd about given up hope but today I called a Walden Books on bell road which is like saying, "I'm going to drive to the stupid warehouse where they keep all the books of wanting and pull a MI007 or something and get. this. stupid. book. myself."
But they has one copy left.
/cry xD
I'm pretty sure the dude on the phone thought I was some sort of hippie book fanatic the way I was thanking him and saying I'd come get it "right now!!". He took down my name and put it on hold.
I look at my mom with this broad grin on my face and can't understand why her eyes are all wide and like, "o.o ummm, Hope....?"
And then I remember.
My car is with my sister in Vegas.
My dad has his truck.
The spare car is at the dealer getting fixeded up.
My mom is taking the last car to go see her sister way out in the middle of nowhere so she has to leave.
I can't ride my bike to Bell Road.
So I call the dude back and the conversation goes like this;
Me: "So um, hi, I just called about a book and I said I was gonna come pick it up now....can you possibly hold it till 3?" (cuz that's when my mom can go get it for me)
Dude: [laughing] "I can hold it till closing time tomorrow."
Me: "Beautiful! Thank you so much."
Dude: [still laughing] "Sure thing."

I'm not even kidding you, I could hear his voice shaking in that "I'm trying really hard not to laugh at your silliness right now" way.
But I didn't care.
I got the book.
And it's only $16.99. As opposed to the $30 plus shipping and handling ($4) online. Which I also tried, btw. Amazon was like, "Ha! Never mind, none of these links work because none of the bookstore pages have it anymore."
So now, the only thing that can ruin Monday is if I'm scheduled to work that day. Because I normally have Monday's off but I've had a random Thursday and a random Wednesday so um, if you feel like praying for something slightly almost maybe blasphemic, pray that I don't have work on Monday. That would be muchly appreciated.
But there will be pictures and wonderful-ness if it all happens.
Yay life :)

"What was that one you taught me last year? boo-yah? BOO-YAH!!"

Yes, Malfoy. Boo-freaking-Yah x]

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