Monday, July 11, 2011

Quickies are nice sometimes...

Yeah, whatever, I'm not married, I'm not allowed to make such innuendos...
Sue me.

I am currently sifting through the crap-pile sink-hole that is my room in order to scrape together some semblance of order due to the dwindling amount of weeks before I move to california for 4 months...that was a lot of above-average words right there, d'you see that? I sound intelligent. Of course, pointing that out makes it kind of mute. But stuff; there's lots of it. I found a fortune cookie fortune slip that reads-- "You thrive on adventure. Try something new."
Except it's in all caps so it's like confucius is screaming from his grave,
Incidentally, I also found a bunch of El Pollo Loco coupons that expire the end of this month; having never eaten at this chicken crazy place, I'll take it as a sign. I learned my lesson from Anastasia. Don't look a gift-sign in the....mouth. Meh. Just go with it.
But besides a new test in fine dining, I really need to switch up this recurring routine that is now my life. Wally World is less than entertaining and coming home to the previously mentioned crap-pile-sink-hole is making me a little sluggish about life.
Don't get me wrong, I love my life. I go through and have to stop myself from staying on my knees all night thanking God for all the truly amazing and probably undeserved blessings I've been given...
I just do thrive on adventure. And my piano. It's like a little mini black and white adventure for my ADD fingers.
So, all in all, I need an adventure. and soon. Not a life-changing, universe-shifting adventure like Disneyland. Just something fun to do that breaks away from my everyday mundane activities.
Which is where boyfriend's birthday comes into play but sssshhhh! It's a surprise :)
(Which is silly because A- he doesn't read this blog. B- none of you are gonna say anything to him and C- . . . surprises are silly. But I loves them)
OH! Dang it this was supposed to be a quickie...well, I guess I'll have to save the Applebee's family outing where all of a sudden everybody knows Hope is practically engaged and we're all gonna freak out about it...
6 months in advance.
And the grape-vine. We'll talk about that too :)

Lastly, for your convenience:


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