Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Picture Overload

Okay, people!! It's the moment you've all been waiting for (I just know it). Get ready to feel special.
"Boyfriend", as he has heretofore been known, will now have a face and a name for your cute little memory banks :)
Drumroll, please?


Whoops. Sorry, guess he wasn't ready.


Yay, Birthday Boy :)
So that's my boyfriend, Mark. He's kind of awesome and I sorta maybe just a tad love him.
A little. It's prolly a fluke in my system, we dunno yet. His birthday was on monday (as you may or may not have surmised from my previous post) (which I am now just remembering I never mentioned that his birthday was on monday) (so if you got that...good job. Have a cup of awesome), and so I slightly monopolized his entire day.
My apologies, JT.
We ate breakfast at Filiberto's and shared a patron [insert little dash mark thingy above the 'o' there] burrito since it's as close as you can get to a breakfast burrito.
And thus my lovely nose ornament...

(it's pictures like these that give me small blurbs of faith in my photogenicosity...that should totally be a word.)
After breakfast, I had to ruin the element of surprise and ask Mark to help me find a Goodwill because I didn't do my research and had no idea where the closest one was since they keep closing and relocating. Stinkin' thrift stores.
The idea was to have a certain, specified budget going into the store and find the worst possible outfit for the other person that they would be required to wear the rest of the day. We didn't really set a budget. I bought 4 items for $11.96 and he got 3 for like, $20 something-or-other. Plus the socks at Walgreens (where we changed, cuz Goodwill didn't really appreciate that idea). Cuz he got me shoes...which you will see later.

I almost got him this shirt. But then I found even better stuff...

I sincerely love those pants. He doesn't wear pajama pants, but he should now. He also pointed out that apparently my choice in clothes was themed on "luck" because you can't really see it but that shirt has Buddha raising his arms like he's excited and it says, "Rub my Belly....for Good Luck" or something like that. Plus the shamrock pants.
Maybe he's just lucky or something ;)

First of all; shoes. Annoying. Again, can't see it (cuz boyfriend doesn't understand framing) but they're square-toed boots. No likey. Not to mention I was wearing flip flops so when I asked, "Am I gonna need socks?" he's like, "Oh. right. yeah."
Silly head.
Second of all; skirt. Um, holy short. It's cottony and old so it didn't really touch my skin much so, basically, it felt like I was waltzin' around without any pants on. Most uncomfortable thing of my life. So I put my shorts back on underneath. Because I respect myself and my comfort.
Thirdly; ...well, nuthin'. I basically make that outfit look goooood [channeling Will Smith, here]
Ok. So THEN, we went to the Superstition Springs Mall where I had previously created some stinkin' nifty-if-i-do-say-so-myself Bingo cards-->

They're legit. And I won. Huzzah. It was really fun, and actually took a decent amount of time. I was worried that it would be like, "Walk into the mall BAM! wooh what?"
But it wasn't.
It was more like, "Hey, this is fun! We look really dumb! hahahaha!"
"Holy cow these are really good bingo squares..."
"Geez you did a good job making these so they weren't easy..."
"Um, does that one count? Barely? ok good...."
"Alright fine, yeah. You win."
I still consider it a success. Plus that picture is fantastic. See those glasses? I know. Fantastic, right?
So! Then neither of us was hungry, still, from that "breakfast" burrito and we picked up Cheesecake Factory cheesecake (woah, no wai) and went back to his house for the "cake and presents" portion of birthdays.
For the story about his present please scroll up to that linked word and read my previous post...or just find the post some other more conventional way. I'm not telling it again.

Yay happy face :) He was really happy. Not to mention the fact that there are some stories in there he hasn't even read yet. It just might be one of the best gifts I've ever managed to give. Plus, I related the tale of my quest for the book and that made him appreciate it all the more. Cuz that's the kind of guy he is. Appreciating my efforts and taking them into account and loving it.
It's great.

cheesecake. cookie dough. whipped cream. chocolate. Tell me you aren't seduced right now.

Chocolate Raspberry Souffle. He's got a taste for the finer, richer things in life....accentuated by the shamrock pj's
I'm such an awesome girlfriend.

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