Thursday, July 28, 2011

Sneaky, Sneaky Stealing

10 Things I Wish I Could Say to 10 Different People:
1- I have no more secrets to keep from you. None.
2- Srsly. Grow up. You can choose to be happy, y'know...
3- bahahaha! I'm sorry but I cannot see you doing what you're doing. It's just silly.
4- You kind of ruined me. But I'm better now. No thanks to you.
5- Ever stop to think that maybe this is how I am?? No? ok well buzz off then.
6- If you degrade yourself one more time I'm gonna choke you in the most loving way possible. Why won't you realize how amazing you are?!
7- You can't be considered a musician when you only use the instrument to get attention. That makes you a parasite.
8- I still love you. I still want every happiness for you. I just changed.
9- I'm sorry I haven't been as good to you as you deserve.
10- I'm so immensely proud of you I can't even tell you.

9 Things About Myself:
1- I don't mind bands that sound super similar to the point of practically plagiarism. If I like that particular sound, why would I not want more??
2- I have a dark, naughty streak that creates lots more issues than some who know me would think.
3- I'm a pathological people-pleaser as well as a show-off. It's a bad combination.
4- I love dressing up in costumes and silly outfits. Let's me act as ridiculous as I want and people don't judge me as harshly. Because then I'm just the crazy lady in ugly clothes.
5- Sometimes I feel inadequate as a harpist. The instrument is so stinking gorgeous and elegant and I'm just....not.
6- My friends are as important to me as anything could be but I'm terrible at showing it.
7- I'm also terrible at admitting when I want something and doing what I can to get it. Even if it's new clothes because I'm wearing the same things from high school and now all my shirts have been eaten through and through by moths...
8- It'll take dangerous amounts of blood and possibly passing out to get me to the hospital from an injury. I won't go unless I'm about to die, because otherwise it's not worth it.
9- I won't be a professional pianist because I'm insufferably selfish. I love the piano and I don't want other people ruining it for me. It's the one thing I do for myself.

8 Ways to Win my Heart:
1- Make me truly laugh. I laugh a lot, but if I can't help laughing around you then you're off to a good start....:)
2- Silly conversations. If you require me to be able to formulate articulate opinions on major discussion topics like politics and religion and NASA then...I'm shutting down already.
3- Sit through my music. If you sit on the bench with me and I can still mess around on the piano, you probably have more of my heart than you know.
4- Let me complain but understand that it's only a conversation starter.
5- Don't judge me.
6- Have lots of books. Just do it. Or at least have read lots of books.
7- Be persistent. Push me when needs be.
8- Show me as much dedication as I will inevitably give to you.

7 Things That Cross my Mind a Lot:
1- Christmas x]
2- Food
3- Kisses
4- Music; audio and visual
5- Words; awkward streams of thoughts and poetic romanticism
6- Careers; school and opportunities I hope come to be
7- Inside jokes

6 Things I Do Before I Fall Asleep:
1- Check Facebook
2- Check Gmail
3- Check Pinterest
4- Check Blogger Dashboard
5- Smooth out blankets and fluff pillows (except 'fluff' is a really really nice term for what I actually do...)
6- Imagine what I want to fulfill in my life and create the scene in my head

5 People Who Mean a Lot:
1- Jesus and Heavenly Father. I'm not being cliche (I mean, I am but...), I live because of God and my Savior.
2- Mark Thomas Douglass. Our friends call me the "miracle worker" for the changes he's gone through but the real honest truth is he completed me. He's the friend I never found in myself.
3- Allora McHardy. I never expected (I mean never) her friendship but it's something I intend on keeping around for a looooong time.
4- Parents. I mean, duh, they never give up on me and bug me to the end of the world but that's just how much they love me. I don't deserve that.
5- Mr. J. His teaching and direction in high school are what have shaped my dreams into the miraculous reality they are becoming. I can never thank him enough for that.

4 Things I'm Wearing:
1- Blue camo bandana. Perfect for keeping hair back while packing :)
2- Deep purple tank top. $3 at Rue 21!! Score!
3- Plaid boys boxers...I still need to sew up the pee-hole.
4- Big, happy smile.

3 Songs I Often Listen To:
(These are legit because I checked the number of plays on my iPod)
1- Here (In Your Arms) ~ HelloGoodbye
2- Meteor Shower ~ Owl City
3- Diary of Jane [Acoustic] ~ Breaking Benjamin

2 Things I Want To Do Before I Die:
1-Backpack across Ireland.
2- Spelunking.
(There's so many other things on my Bucket List you don't even know. I'll post it sometime)

1 Confession:
I'm pretty darn proud of who I am sometimes.

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