Friday, May 2, 2014

Post-Surgery Hangover

Right now may not be the best time for blogging. 
Forgive me for any grammatical or syntax errors.
Or just plain not-making-sense-ness.

The doctor only gave me ibuprofen (a nice hefty dose, but still)
and hydrocordone/acetaminophen for the pain
but MAN it's really fuzzying up my brain.
I mean, I'm no doctor myself maybe those are decently debilitating medicines,
I don't know.
In any case they're throwing me for a loop.

(icing my face immediately after returning home from surgery
waiting for Mark to arrive with da druuugs.
Pretty minimal swelling!)

I'm supposed to alternate the ibuprofen and hydrocodone every three hours,
so I set myself an alarm for 1:30am.
I made sure to set out the ibuprofen and tuck away the hydrocordone
so I didn't mix them up in my sleepy fog-headedness.
But when it went off I didn't have the mental faculties 
to reset it for three hours later, 4:30am.
(and the widget I was using wouldn't let me make more than one alarm at a time?)
So I just figured I'd wake up with my husband just before 6
and take the medicine then.
And I did...but later I was trying to write the time on the bottle
so I wouldn't forget...
and for some reason I wrote it on the wrong bottle.
So now I'm ALL sorts of confused
and just popping pills.
It's fine.

After I lay resting in bed till just before nine,
I got up to let Odin out and give him a little bit of breakfast.
I opened the back door to let him out,
lifted his water and food bowl out and got him a cup of food
setting it out after he sat nice and obedient like.
I tidied up the living room, took out the trash,
put away the dishes and wiped down the kitchen,
started a load of laundry and folded the clean ones.
I was taking the folded clothes upstairs 
and as I sat them on the couch to put away later....
Odin came moseying out of Mark's upstairs office.

I honestly CANNOT tell you how he got there
or how he got inside.
Either he found a portal in our backyard,
or we have a ghost.

And then later, I swear the stovetop clock said 2:44pm 
and I thought to myself,
"Oh! I better get ready for my ENT appointment soon!"
But then I sat down to keep working on the crossword I had started
and noticed our large clock was only close to saying 1 o'clock....

Having huge holes and gaps in memory are not comforting.
I tell you what, wow.
And I feel very tired but not sleepy.
Mostly just groggy.

But I'm still not too swollen, I'm very lucky!
I went to choir last night for our last rehearsal before our last concert
(it's and awesome and fun Broadway show,
nice and cheap date night or family night activity!
Would love to see you there! ;) )
and hardly anybody could tell I'd had surgery that day.
Although I made all kinds of simple headed mistakes
like just not even thinking about page turns
or completely forgetting what key signatures mean,
or finding myself falling asleep behind the piano.

Now it's almost time for me to go get my ears checked again
and then it's Girl's Night and my first ever real pedicure.
In an actual salon.
Kind of a big deal.
And Zupa's afterward.
Not gunna lie, looking forward to the soup the most.
Pudding cups, ice cream, and juices are great and all,
but I'm excited for something substantial.
Plus Zupa's is just soup totes delish
(slang puns, wah wah)

Thanks for listening to me ramble absentmindedly.
Hope everyone's having a fantastic weekend!

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