Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Week of 5/20

Tuesday, May 20th; Day 8

--I'm kicking myself for not getting up early to exercise this morning. I wanted to sleep in and now I feel...just kinda sludgy. That's the only word I can come up with for it. The thought of BBQ tonight at the Mills' is pretty much the only thing keeping me from crawling under my desk to take a nap and hide from the world. Hot dogs, burgers, watermelon, and corn on the cob, it is summer for sure and I couldn't be happier about it. Not to mention I just bought a new swimming suit (a very different style for me, and an online purchase, crossing my fingers but leaning on the return policy if it all goes haywire) that should be here before our lake trip coming up in June. Last year was a complete and total blast but we had just bought our gopro and we had "calibrated" it wrong so it didn't save like it's supposed to and we lost a lot of the pictures and videos we took. Cool underwater shots and even a video as I went cliff jumping, so I'm looking forward to a second chance with all that.
This bullet point got huge. Apologies. I just love summer, okay?
--Oh my gosh my point. So we're hanging out with friends for dinner so exercising tonight may not be easily accomplished. Since it's a work night, we'll probably try to head home earlier and I want to try to do the 20 minute Flex, just to get something in. Dunno how I'm going to resist multiple hot dogs and potato chips and root beer floats. Oh, mama...
(update: Flex didn't happen. We're bums.)
--Another bit of TMI, but either this dieting and exercising is starting to help my complexion or I'm about to start my period. I'm not scheduled till the very beginning of June so this would be shockingly early but it's my usual MO. For a couple days prior I get this blessed lull in breakouts and I feel great and then all hell breaks loose on my face for the next 3-4 weeks, slamming my euphoria into disappointment and humiliation. Boo.
--This has nothing to do with the fitness but all to do with the adultness, I've been doing really well with keeping up on the dishes. Mark absolutely loathes dishes but we like to cook so sink-overload is pretty much the norm. I should also remember the feeling of accomplishment I get as I come down the stairs in the morning and see the pretty vacuum lines in the carpet. And the fact that I weeded and trimmed our front landscaping and swept afterwards so the walking stones/sidewalk were clear.
But then I start to feel rather how Hyperbole and a Half so eloquently put into this nifty chart (with brief salty language, apologies);


In fact, that whole post is very nearly my life. Minus all the f-bombs and cursings.

Wednesday, May 21; Day 9

--Guyyyyysss...I fell off the wagon. No, I took a running leap off the wagon. And unfortunately the wagon was precariously perched at the edge of the Grand Canyon, and even further unfortunately, I do not have the gift of flight. 
I did a horrible job resisting the food at the get-together last night. I think the only way to pay penance to the dieting gods is to adequately shame myself by admitting my sins; not one but two hot dogs, one hamburger (no cheese but only cuz I forgot about cheese, I was in so much haste to stuff my face how do you forget cheese I am shamed), far too many jalapeno pringles, like, three helpings of beans, a single heavenly root beer float, and a glass of soda.
As payment for my transgressions, I am up 5 pounds on the scale from sunday.
It is a dark and dismal morning in the house of Douglass.
I also didn't help myself by completely spacing that we were going to a party that night and I ate the rest of the pasta leftovers for lunch that I'd brought to work earlier that week.
I'm so good at this.
--Today I'm eating a cup of applesauce for breakfast, cantaloupe wedges for snacks, and a cup of leftover baked beans and a hardboiled egg for lunch, and probably chicken and veggies for dinner. 
--Mark bought a bike yesterday so today will be our first ride! More on that later when it has actually happened.
--^It happened. For our first venture out on the bikes we decided to ride 3 miles to walmart, there and back, to buy helmets and a dog leash for Odin. Not even out of our neighborhood we both realized that the minuscule, narrow seats would not be sticking around long and our bruised bums can attest to that. We stopped by Panda Express to share a 2-entree plate and picked the less fried and more veggie-laden options. Mark fixed up both our bikes once we got home with our new seats. A quick trial spin was enough to know we made the right decision. 

--I weighed myself at the end of the day today and I'm back down 2 pounds after my 5lb spike from last night so wheeeee! We're on a roller coaster, it would seem.

Friday, May 23rd; Day 11

--The delicious fiasco from Tuesday has officially been dealt with. I'm back to where I was before all the hot dogs and baked beans smothered me with their siren song. Now I just have to get through this 3-day weekend without stuffing my face again. Luckily we don't really have any over-the-top plans, we may just bbq at our own house then skip town to the lake for all of Monday. The less I have to resist the better.
--I'm nailing down a night-time routine as far as skin care and I am seeing major improvement in the facial region. Whether it be the "eating clean", exercising, or just general hygiene, something is working. Crossing my fingers that it'll stick around.
--Mark and I are riding our bikes basically anywhere within 5 miles that we won't have bags and bags of stuff to bring home (cough-cough-groceries) and it's actually really nice. I think I could be very happy living in some remote town where cars aren't used much and everybody just bikes around like some weird cycling flock of hippies. But for now Mesatown is okay, I guess.

Tuesday, May 27th; Day 15

--Technically today is part of the next week but yesterday was exhausting and we didn't get home till about 9pm and I just wanted a bath and my bed. So I'm finishing out last week on the first day of this week. #timewarp
--We did so good! Memorial weekend could have ruined us but it went fabulously. We had friends over on Saturday and we had steak, chicken, corn on the cob, watermelon, and popsicles. It was a perfect example that it's possible to hang out with friends and not completely ruin any dieting efforts.
On Monday we waited till 9 am for Mark to be released from his on-call week at work and we packed up the truck and headed out to the lake! We took tortillas with peanut butter and honey for him (I can't stand it, blech) and sliced leftover steak/chicken and sauteed veggies for me. There was leftover corn and watermelon from Saturday that we hauled along as well. It was plenty of food and we felt good eating it rather than having chips and soda and heavy processed foods. It took a little bit of prep, but really not much in the scheme of things.
I'll post a separate post about the day of, cuz we had a pretty rockin' Memorial Day.
--I'm sleeping "better" but my dreams have taken a bit of a horrific turn lately. Curious to know if that's because of the way I'm eating or just a particularly stressful period of life. Not sure.
--Skin is still on the mend.
--Water is my best friend.
--Hopefully this next week I can break through my current plateau. If I could not be staring at that dreaded 7 any longer I would be most grateful.

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