Wednesday, May 14, 2014


The other day in the May photo-a-day challenge the prompt was "Ready" and I chose to go with a "ready for Summer" vibe.

Other than the slightly serial killer vibe my eyes seem to be giving, I felt very summery that day.
And I am so very ready for summertime.
We kinda jumped the gun just a tad last weekend and tried to have a pool party but the water was still a little frigid. Poor baby Rori's tiny lips were purple and her whole body trembled but she paid no mind and strove to jump out of the arms of whoever was holding her and take on her true form of mermaid. Honestly, that little tyke was taking huge breaths, diving out of our safeholds and she hardly knows how to swim yet. Somebody's ready for some lessons!

I'm ready for lake days and popsicles.
Bike rides and watermelon and sunscreen.
Family reunions, camping trips, s'mores, and stargazing.
Lemonades until my lips pucker up and fall off. (ew)
Reading books out on the shore.
Searching for that perfect skippable rock...and handing it off to my husband because I have completely lost the ability to skip and I hate wasting good rocks on practice.
I'm so excited to test out the waters with Odin and see how he does. Maybe he'll love it, maybe he'll hate it.

I love those floppy ears and concerned eyebrows. Silly Odin.

Last year we were in! That was two summers ago. [great lamentings and gnashing of teeth] Oh, I miss okoboji summers.

Spending all day erry day out on the docks...

Imaginations run wild...

Boat rides to the amusement park...

NUTTY BARS...(they make ya kinda nutty)

And all the fishing you could ever desire...

I have great love in my heart for Lake Okoboji.
Most of my best summers were spent there.
I legitimately had a point when I started out talking about Okoboji...and then got distracted. Majorly.

Who's up for summer?!
Hope is. Hope really, really is.

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  1. Rory distraccted me by yelling "IT'S MARK!!" at the picture of him holding a fish so I'm not entirely sure what the rest f the post is about but it's awesome hahaha

    Also, you're not helping me not miss the beach.......ugh