Friday, April 25, 2014

7% Complete

Yesterday I went from awkwardly trying to explain a comical situation, to defending nerd culture, to posting google stock pictures of yams.

I don't even know.

Ignoring my fear of being redundant, I am touching on the nerd culture part here briefly one more time.

So I'm reading "Way of Kings" by Brandon Sanderson and now I'm a full three chapters and like, maybe ninety pages in but guys I can't even tell you how much I love this book already.
Alright, so I guess in all honesty I'm not really touching on nerd culture rather than spewing how much I love Brandon Sanderson and basically everything he writes.
My first experience with his writing was the standalone novel "Elantris" back in high school (a recommendation from my first boyfriend, I have him to thank for a handful of my introductions to sci-fi/fantasy literature, so thanks for all the fish!) (but he doesn't get credit for Hitchhiker's, sorry). It was love at first read. I wanted everybody to read it and I wanted to have study groups and talk about the details, the ingenuity, the creative originality. But I didn't get any of that until earlier this year when I trapped my husband on a cross country road trip from New York to Arizona and we listened to it on audiobook. I hate audiobooks, I have problems paying attention enough to catch what's going on when all I'm required to do is listen. It's probably why I do better now in college with online classes rather than lecture.
Anyway. "Elantris". Two thumbs up.
My senior year (I think?), the name "Mistborn" was being passed through a [granted, small] group of my peers. Then I heard it was by Brandon Sanderson. I promptly scoured the library's and probably mooched copies off a couple friends to read it.
Again I was struck with the details and originality. The female protagonist and general lack of mushy-gushy lovey-dovey fluff immediately earned the series a steady spot in my Top Favorite Series of All Time Ever. Like, Harry Potter level favorite guys. Dis is srsbsns.
Oh, and did I mention that "Elantris" sports a rockin' female lead as well? And she's witty, smart, featured as more than just a romantic interest, and only merges with the main protagonist's storyline after halfway through the book.
Then he came out with "Warbreaker" a year or two after I had graduated. I no longer had access to a school library and I was far too lazy to get my own public library card but I was not too lazy to drive myself to the [now closed /sadpanda] Borders at the mall and spend three or four different 2 hour sessions reading the book on the floor. I'm still surprised I wasn't caught and kicked out...or jailed. Or something. That can't be legal.
And what's this? Another female lead? I like this pattern muchly.

Fast forward a couple years and I've done my very bestest to shove my recommendations down the gullets of anyone ever asking for book suggestions as well as nearly commanding my husband to read the books  (he's caught up on Elantris and Mistborn, when my pick for reading comes next it will be Warbreaker). In my last post I mentioned that Mark brought home one of Sanderson's newest publishings, the beginning of The Stormlight Archive titled "Way of Kings".
As of yet, I've only experienced his standalones and trilogies and for some reason in my mind I just saw "book one" and assumed, "Oh yay another trilogy!"
According to wikipedia it's supposedly gonna be a 10 book series. And only the first two are out. He's had this idea stewing in his brain for over a decade. I foresee a lot of angsty waiting for the next publishing. This mixed with Sherlock may be the death of my fragile fandom feels.

Until the third chapter I had only been introduced to male characters, which is so not even a problem, that's not what I'm getting at.
But then the first girl character was introduced and, I kid you not, I was dancing around in my car as I read during my lunch hour, cuz she's so fun and great and I can't wait to see where this storyline goes because my faith in Sanderson is securely founded.
She's an artist, but also very politically involved and dedicated to her obligations but she's also awkward and cute and witty and smart, not to mention ginger and freckled.
I kissed the book.
90 pages in and I'm kissing the book.
This is both a good and the worst sign.
The last time a young person "with potential" was featured as the point-of-view character in a chapter they ended up dead. Let me reiterate, there have only been three chapters.
(I can't believe I'm literally only 7% through the book and I'm already basically reviewing it for you guys. I'm so sorry, haha. Kudos to you for actually reading through this. You deserve a cookie.)
I'm already to this point with my feels.


Granted, I didn't "love" the kid who died. He's no Washburne, but still. I could have!

Onward with my point!
I've been having a really...rough couple of months. Especially since I started actually going to doctor's to try and just feel better but all I've gotten so far are weird looks and referrals to other doctors and appointments set way in the distance with no fix in sight. It's been a little frustrating/discouraging.
But I had a /happydance moment in my car multiple times because of a really good book and the thought that tomorrow I get to go chill lakeside with my hubby and puppy furbeast and read to my little heart's content, soaking in the warm sun. I went back to work with a slightly lighter heart. I put on Pandora and a beautiful selection from the How to Train your Dragon soundtrack began playing and then "When Can I See You Again?" from Wreck-It Ralph followed and it was like my brain had been hoarding all the endorphins and suddenly vomited them all over my emotions.
I thought about books and dragons and video games and Disney and instrumental performing and I was filled with a comforting pride in the things that I love. The things that I'm a nerd about. The things I'm glad are part of me. Things I can be proud of myself for liking. I feel like being a fan of these things has made me a better person. I could be a fan of illegal drugs but instead I get high off of expanding my mind in the fantastical universe of literature or squealing like a little kid at a wonderfully put together animated movie. I'm a full-grown adult at 5'8" but I am heading to Disneyland this fall and it's just for me. I have no children. My husband isn't coming. I'm going with my mom and sister and a couple of my friends will be there with their families and I couldn't be more grateful for the people in my life that share in that kind of excitement.

It's been crummy not being able to enjoy the things that usually make me happy. It doesn't feel like me. It's weird to not recognize yourself. But so far this year I reread the Harry Potter series and we've listened to both "Elantris" and "Ender's Game" on audiobook and now I've got this epic treasure to gobble up and finally I'm bouncing back. If only just for today.
Next on my list is everything John Green as well as completing his "Wreck This Journal" and then back to devouring Brandon Sanderson again because I haven't read "Alloy of Law" yet or any of his Mistborn extensions.
I guess burying myself in books is also my 'reset' button. And it's glorious.

So all in all, prepare for instagrams of the lake and my dog and definitely book sightings. And of course selfies. Come on now, this is social media we're talking about. #yolo


  1. Not to mention you get to glam yourslef up for tonight's Masquerade Ball too!! ;) Yay for book resets!

    When I need a break, I pick up either Jane Eyre, Book Thief, NeverEnding Story, or one of my other favorites and just read and read until I feel better ;) Books are the best for giving us our fantasy world ;)

    When you want to read Alloy of Law, we gots it ;) Cuz I love Andrew and bought it for him even though I personally didn't like Mistborn.....I know! Curse me.....BUT I LOVE Warbreaker and Elantris!! Am I forgiven now??