Monday, May 19, 2014

Week of 5/13

Friday, May 16th; Day 4

--It's far too early to pat myself on the back but for the last three days I have successfully completed a dvd routine of Taebo. I bought a three disc set that came on Tuesday and promptly started that night. The set includes a Cardio, Flex, and Flex express routine. Cardio is basically the same "moves" as Flex, only you don't clench and hold the punches/kicks like in Flex. And Flex express is just a 20 minute routine rather than 40 for those days when you just don't quite have the time.
--My favorite part of Taebo has always been that it, to me, is practical exercise. I'm being active and I'm learning self-defense in the process. Heaven forbid, but if I'm ever attacked I feel like I now have a higher chance of being able to kick my body into gear and fight back because I have muscle memory of roundhouse kicks, uppercuts, and right/left hooks. Although I'd probably break my wrist because my form is terrible. Not to mention it's not bulking exercise but rather toning. Which is what I need. #flabfest
--So far I have noticed feeling more ready for sleep when I lay down at night. This week, two of the three routines were completed right before getting in bed (but not without a good rinsing in the shower first, ew) and I think I sleep better when I do that. Which is huge.
--My hunger hasn't changed. I'm continuing to use juices for light meals and having chicken or fish and vegetables for dinner. Soups for lunch when I wanna switch it up. We kind of surprised ourselves, we accidentally haven't had bread for probably over a month now. I don't remember the last time I bought a loaf. We didn't sit down and decide, "Okay we're going off bread" it just kind of happened, so that's why I say "accidentally".
--Since it's only been a couple days, weight loss has been minimal. But! Two nights I sinfully indulged in desserts because of events (leftovers brought home from Mark's Tech Fest and then a Relief Society activity) yet I still continued to lose weight rather than gain. I'll take it! And it wasn't like, a small cupcake, Mark brought home chocolate souffle and vanilla ice cream (which we shared) and at the RS fiesta they had churro truffles (only ate one!) and fried ice cream.
--It may just be psychological but I think I see a difference in my face. It seems more well-defined and slimmer before I put on makeup. Although we've been eating clean for a couple weeks now and I've been keeping up with hydration like a water machine for months now and unfortunately it hasn't made much of a difference in my complexion. So that's discouraging. But I'm glad to no longer be perpetuating the problem with poor eating habits.
--TMI but my BM's are slowly getting better. It's been...clogged up for awhile so this is a glorious step that I'm hoping continues.

Mark has taken to doing the exercises with me and we both are benefiting incredibly from it. Emotionally and psychologically. Exercising together is bonding us as a couple and every time we've had a nice conversation afterward about how good we feel and how glad we are that we're actively doing something about our weight goals. We both just cross our fingers that we can continue to be motivated to stick with it and get some real results!
Oh, speaking of Tech Fest. In addition to his "swag bag" they also have I guess bowls of candy bars at the different stations/booths/whatever and I sat on the floor having just sweated out the cardio routine as he pulled chocolate bar after chocolate bar out of his backpack and dumped them on the floor. He brought home probably twenty or so assorted snickers, twix, milky way, and kit kat bars.
We promptly stashed them in boxes and put them in the fridge, agreeing to only indulge in them as a reward every time we lose five pounds. I can do hard things.

Monday, May 19th; Day 7

Well we did so good and then I blogged about it and jinxed us. Curses.
--Friday, Saturday, and Sunday went by without much exercising. We meant to bike to dinner with friends on Friday but Mark was unable to find a craigslist listing that would either get back to us or work for our budget. Although I nearly permanently curved my back from all the sweeping, mopping, and vacuuming I did on Saturday. We did however go for a nice long walk with Odin on Sunday.
--My hunger is growing. I am struggling with the urge to gorge myself when I do eat, but I always feel better about it when I resist. I've found that it's helpful to elongate my eating time by taking forever with my food so I feel like I'm getting more. Woot psychology.
--I'm still losing, despite my poor exercising. Excruciatingly slow, but losing ounces is still losing.
--Yardwork is gunna hafta cut it as exercise for today. But yanking out weeds and trimming bougainvillea is not a sweat-less task so I'm not gunna feel bad about it.
--It would appear (according to my measurements) that I have lost a couple inches in the bust (sad face) and an inch or so in the waist. Not much in the hips. So that feels good to the psyche, whether or not I can visually see a difference. The numbers don't lie.

Is this what being a real life adult is like? Before, I had the excuse that I was deliberately not facing my chores and that's why I didn't have the time to do the dishes or fold the laundry. It's because I was binge watching Sherlock, or ANTM reruns. But now I'm legitimately trying and I'm gunna be honest, it's exhausting. In a good way! I actually don't miss the tv as much as I thought I might and I really enjoy my shows when I can get to them, rather than just feeling lazy and sluggish.
But at the same time, even without being hooked to the projector, I'm still gutted for time. Oof. Growing up is hard business, yo.
This has been a long time coming. Don't be thinking I just woke up last monday and thought, "Maybe I should try eating better and doing my chores and being an actual adult."

"Do you think she woke up one morning and said: 'I think I'll go to law school today'?"

It's really hard (and I'm not even in law school). We've been those stereotypical New-Years'-Resolutioners and made all these plans at the beginning of the year and it's taken till now to really kick into gear. There have been slips and tumbles (MANY of them) and there will definitely be more. 
Week one down, lifestyle change to go!

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