Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Memorial Day '14

A paid day off from work that doesn't take up my vacation hours is automatically hoisted to the top of my list of favorite days. A holiday that encourages barbecuing, lake trips, and being grateful for our freedoms garnered from the sacrifices of our military only sweetens the deal.
Speaking of military, thanks Grandpa!

And thank you Aunt Leslie for the sweet photo :)
Love and miss my sweet Grandpa.

A little after 9am on Monday we hauled out with our cooler of tasty foods and drinks, headed to our local walmart to buy a couple bags of ice and a load of bottled water, and set out along highway 88 to get out to Apache lake. Our original plan was to hang out at Butcher Jones but we've had bad experiences with the leeches (and the drunk peeps) at that location so we figured there was nothing to lose spending the extra hour to get out where it would be less crowded and less infested with blood sucking parasites.
We went out by ourselves. No group of friends tagging along, no family with boats, just ourselves, a lawn chair, and goggles for entertainment.
Those goggles saved the day.
We parked at the marina and just hung out along the shore by the docks. I started out with an invigorating swim around the 'no wake' buoy and when I got back Mark was grinning widely and said, "Yep. This is my new hobby," holding out his hand to give me something.
Feeling very wary I held out my hand in response and he dropped a soaking wet but neat and whole $5 bill into my hand. Which he'd found. On the lake bottom.
We spent a good four hours combing the mucky floor of the lake, occasionally resting to eat something and my heart swelled to see my husband grinning like a little boy and paddling over to grab me in a big hug saying, "This is the most fun I've had in a long time. Great idea honey!"
We recovered a multitude of sunglasses (some in decent shape, others not), two golf balls, a hair clip and decorative flower, bits of metal and plastic piping, an extremely grimy snorkel tube, a snorkel mask that must not have been under very long for how clean it was, the grand prize $5 bill and a pristine pocket knife that Mark was very excited to find.

When we weren't scavenging under the water (and running face first into fish the size of our arms) (terrifying) we snacked on sliced watermelon, corn on the cob, and veggie wraps. Our one unfortunate circumstance was that in being so close to the Marina and stuck to the shore, we were in the forced company of some very drunk, very profane "youths". But we managed to lay in the soft sand on our towels reading or just sunbathing (having just slathered on another layer of sunscreen to our pasty white bodies, of course) and have a really good time regardless.

We're especially looking forward now to our next Apache trip coming up in a couple weeks with Mark's dad and extended family from Tucson. You can bet we'll have more "sunken treasures" after hangin' out all weekend!

We decided to take the back road out rather than going back the way we came in because it was a slightly shorter distance and our exhaust pipe was precariously hanging off the back, having lost a bolt amid all the jostling and jolting of the dirt roads. We had a safe and easy ride back into the valley but were startled when we found that Bush Hwy was currently closed off. We had been planning on going home to feed the dog and freshen up a bit before stopping by Mark's mom's for a quick hello and well-wishing but with Bush Hwy closed and the 87 taking us well into the middle of Mesa, we decided we had to just stop by my mother-in-law's as is.
"Lake Urchin" is not the hottest trend this season, but it's all we had to work with.
We made it home before 9, watched the grand prize finale of America's Funniest Home Videos and made it to bed around 10.
Not a bad 12 hour day. Not bad at all.

Hope your Memorial Day was as fun-and-family-filled as ours.

Here we are looking high off of all the fun.

We can't all be photogenic.

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