Friday, May 16, 2014

Frantic Friday Lunch Hour

So lunch was interesting.

Mark and I are currently "shopping" for bikes and found a nice his/hers set on craigslist this morning. Mark worked from home today and tried getting hold of the owners. They were home all day and we could go see the bikes anytime! So we planned that Mark would take the van to come pick me up at work so we could go look at them together and I could try out sitting on the bike.
A few minutes before my lunch normally starts I got this phone call;

"I'm in the parking lot at Desert Schools and....the van just died. Won't start."

He promised he'd call me if he needed me and we hung up.
I figured I may as well take my lunch to keep the office schedule on track rather than try and wait out the van situation. So I began heating up my soup in the microwave.
But then I got this call;

"Yeahhh, can you come get me?"

So I stuck the half-warmed soup back in the fridge and let my boss know I was off to rescue my dashing knight (not quite in those exact words) and hopped in my blazing car. I took the wrong way out because I forgot which North/South street the bank is on (sorry, credit union) and ended up stuck at a broken intersection light being conducted by a policeman.
As I was stopped there I got this call;

"Actually, can you go home and get the code reader?"
"Yeah, where is it?"
"On the table just inside the front door."

To avoid reentering the clogged intersection, I had to take a bizarre awkward route to get onto the freeway and head back home.
A mile from our exit I got this call;

"It lives! Must've been an issue in the electrical, just go back to work--wait, no continue home to get! I'll see you at your work! Yes!"

I went ahead and took our exit but just turned right over the overpass and got back on the freeway and went back to work, again avoiding the intersection with the broken stoplights.
Finally I met up with my sweet husband and our hot van with the broken a/c and he had generously saved me a bite of the steak he had carefully prepared for his lunch at home.
It was delicious. And I hadn't been able to eat my soup yet so it was extra delicious.
We headed down to the craigslister's location even though he had alerted them that our transportation was compromised and would need to do it later. We sent a text and called to try and let them know we were still coming but heard no word until we were almost there.
Only we weren't paying much attention and completely passed the neighborhood.
Mark pulled some fancy u-turn maneuvering and we were at the house in the next couple minutes.
I stayed with the van out front so we wouldn't have to turn it off and risk being really stranded and they were kind enough to bring the bikes to the front of the house. The "male" bike wasn't quite what Mark had in mind so he passed on it but I liked the other bike so we talked the price down $5 and bought it. (I've named her Regina.)
Mark dropped me off right as my "lunch" hour was ending and I went inside to get him a drink of water from our cooler.
I heated up my soup once again and had a couple bites until one co-worker offered me the other 6-inch half of her turkey on wheat sub from subway that she wasn't going to eat. I couldn't let such a specimen go to waste.

So the soup's back in the fridge again and my tummy is quite happy. Plus I have a cool bike waiting for me at home.

Today's being so weird.

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