Monday, May 12, 2014

Medical Update

I seriously just need to go to Grey-Sloan Memorial hospital and have Meredith or Bailey take a look at me because they wouldn't think I was being a melodramatic, lying hypochondriac and would actually dig into my symptoms and figure out what the crap is happening in my body.

I first went in to see the ENT (ear nose throat) specialist back in February and for months they've just said, "Oh you have allergies, it's just allergies" and prescribed me nose sprays and steroid packs. Every time I go back he asks about how my breathing is while looking up my nose and I really can't understand why because that's never been the issue and I've never complained about breathing. I get awful headaches and my ears pop all the time regardless of elevation change.
Doc, do you ever listen?

But he did point in the direction of TMJ being a possible culprit and so far the internet has been very vague and unhelpful in that respect so whoopee, magical unicorn diagnosis.
They've ordered a sinus CT scan just to make sure nothing's been missed and after that we go into treatment for TMJ.

For years before I got married my family wasn't on health insurance so we didn't do regular doctor visits. But I've been suspicious about my wisdom teeth for quite awhile. So I kind of took matters into my own hands and under the false pretense of a "regular checkup" at the dentist (since it's been years, awful I know) they recommended getting my wisdom teeth removed.
So I did.

It's still too early to tell if it's made a difference.

But finally, today, after nearly 5 months of having the excuse of "allergies" shoved down my throat they actually tested me for allergies and whaddya know, completely negative.
Not even redness.
The regular doc I'd been seeing came in accompanied with another doctor as if I was some circus freak for beating their allergy test.
"It's very rare that we ever get NO reactions at all."
And then he asked about breathing. Again.

So naturally I'm feeling a little triumphant and "told'ja so" at the moment. But also confused as to what's happening so that's why I need the doctors of Grey's Anatomy to take me on as a mystery case.
For now though, I'm just going to be super grateful that I do not have allergies because that is a major commitment in lifelong treatment so I'm glad I escaped that curse. (*knocks on wood*)
And at least it's a checkmark off the list of possibilities.

Thank goodness for insurance.

Before I get any nurses or doctors on here berating me for being less-than-patient with this process I realize that real-life doctoring is so terribly different than a drama show. I merely exaggerate for the purpose of an entertaining blog post. I'm grateful for the help the ENT has given me (while I would appreciate a little more thoroughness in my chart and less of putting words in my mouth) so please, no lectures.

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